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Rachel Strever
From Orlando, FL
Favorite things: My Family, Boyfriend, Cat, Dogs, Yoga, Cooking, and the Beach.
My life recently took a huge curve, when I became extremely ill with no answers from any doctors.
It took a couple months for me to realize I was on my own to heal.
I started reading..a lot… of self help books, going to a therapist, and meditating.
It wasn’t until recently where I learned there are two ways to ultimately heal:
love yourself & faith.
I thought to myself, well shoot that must be a breeze! WRONG.
To love myself and my higher power has made my world turn from a upside down never ending black hole to a light shinning ever so bright and a smile that fills my soul.
I now believe our spirit and mind creates our overall well-being.
How you may ask? Well by golly you’ve come to the right site!
My goal is to welcome you with open arms as you go on this incredible journey with me to heal yourself by “lovingthyself”! 🙂

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