30 Day Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Did You Know Journaling Is One Of The BEST Ways For Self-Discovery?

30 day self-discovery journal prompts. Pin now, come back to it later!

Journaling allows you to vent out your feelings, organize your thoughts, track your progress, and find yourself all at once.
Sure, you could go to therapy, go on a mindful walk, or allow time to take the lead to find yourself, but all of those aren’t seen by the naked eye.

When you journal, you allow yourself to see your progress and most importantly find yourself.
So, that being said, I have provided below 30 days of journal prompts for self discovery. 

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30 Day Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery: 

Day 1:

dear younger me..

If I could go back in time, what would I tell my younger self? 

Take this time to reflect of things that you have learned thus far in your life that your younger self always questioned. This is a great way to realize that everything seems to happen for a reason.
You could name 1 or 20 things! 

I talk about 5 things I wish I could go back and tell my younger self, right here.

Day 2:

My personal bullet journal – what I love about myself

What are 5 things I absolutely love about myself without a doubt?

There is no doubt that self-love is one of the hardest things to accomplish. 
However, we cannot define ourselves based on what others think of us or by comparing ourselves to other people. 
Each one of us is uniquely beautiful/handsome. 

Take this day to embrace 5 things that you really love about yourself.
If you cannot think of 5 things, then write down 5 things you wished you loved about yourself and work on accomplishing it!

If you struggle with self-love, I have an awesome free 30 day self-love challenge. Click here to sign up to begin! 🙂

Day 3:

What is my favorite thing to do when I am alone?

On this day, write down one thing that you really enjoy to do while you are alone and try doing it within the week. 
One of my favorite things to do when I am alone is yoga. I find it a great way for self discovery and mindfulness. If you have never tried yoga before, I HIGHLY suggest you give it a try. Yoga is for everyone! 

Day 4:

What are 5 things I am grateful for that I couldn’t live a day without?

There is no doubt that gratitude is powerful. 
When you are grateful you enable yourself to see the light in everyday.
Take this day to really reflect and write from your heart about 5 things that you are so grateful for that you couldn’t live a day without it.

Day 5:

What are 5 things that I have accomplished in my life thus far?

Day 5 is all about recognizing all the little and big wins in your life thus far.
So often we tend to look at the future and what it could have held for us if we would’ve done this or that. 
There is no need to regret a life you could’ve had, when you have actually had an amazing life thus far. 

Day 6:

What does life mean to me?

This is an interesting, yet such a hard question at the same time.
Sum up in a couple sentences what life means to you.

You could talk about love and how love exceeds all things. That we were put on this earth to love ourselves and others.
You could also talk about how life gives you so many opportunities to explore and find yourself.

You choose whatever you believe life means to you, these were just some ideas!

Day 7:

How do I believe people perceive me? 

How do you believe your family, friends, and even strangers view you? 
You can choose to just write a couple of words like: “beautiful, an introvert, nice” or 
You can choose to write full sentences about how you believe others view you! 
This is a great way to see if you define yourself based on others beliefs.

Day 8:


Who is my greatest role model in life and what great qualities do I have of them?

Take this day to reflect on one person who you really look up to and what qualities that have.
Why do you like those qualities about them?
Do you happen to notice that you also have some of those same amazing qualities as well?

Day 9:

What are 5 things I could do to take better care of myself daily?

Self-care plays a vital role in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 
If you are stuck on this day, I talk about my personal self-care tool kit right here. 🙂

Day 10:

Who are 5 people in your life that make you most happy?

For the most part, other people shouldn’t define your happiness. 
However, it’s nice to reflect on who makes you the most happiest and how do they do so?

Day 11:


What are my dreams in life that I would someday like to accomplish?

This can be ANY DREAMS that you want to accomplish in life.
Big or small. Realistic or magical. Not attainable or attainable tomorrow.
Regardless, this is a great way to understand more about yourself and what dreams you would like to see yourself succeed in some day.
Maybe this will spark your motivation to get going with them!

Day 12:

positive affirmations

What are 10 positive affirmations that I love about myself?

Affirmations are any statements that can be positive or negative. 
Unfortunately, most of the time we tend to say negative affirmations in our day like “I hate myself” or “Nothing ever goes right for me.” 
Believe it or not, what you think is what you become.
Write down 5 postive affirmations that you really love about yourself.

For more information about positive affirmations and ideas: click here. 

Day 13:

Do I live life with integrity?

Basically, do you live a life where you choose not to lie, cheat, or steal. 
Do you live a life where you are constantly giving back to others and being kind to yourself. 
Write down an example. Be the light.

Day 14:

What do I believe is possible for me to achieve in this life time?

Remember before when you wrote down what dreams you’d like to accomplish in this life?
Well, go back to that day and reflect on which ones you really believe are possible to achieve in this life time.
Jot down a potential plan to make one of them happen!

Day 15:

Easy pose sitting on a yoga mat and pillow for comfort in her meditation room

What would be my ideal life?

Be realistic here and really write an outline down of what would be your ideal life. 
All happy days? Have 2 kids? Be married for 60 years? 

Day 16:

What mistakes in life have I learned that I choose to never do again?

Who you are now is no mistake. Everything happens for a reason, although we don’t see it at the time.
Write down certain mistakes that you have done thus far that you promise to yourself you’ll never do. This is a great reminder to stay on track so you don’t make those mistakes again!

Day 17:

What positive unique qualities do I posses?

What makes you YOU? 
What makes you stand out of a crowd (in a good way)
What are people constantly complimenting you on?

Day 18:

Do I live the life I always wanted? Why or why not?

This day can be quite challenging, but a great way to reflect and move forward.
Write down if you live the life you’ve always desired and how you got it to be so great or what you still need to do to get there!

Day 19:

Who is the most important person in my life?

This might be challenging because we all have a couple people in our lives that we truly couldn’t live without, but the challenge is to only pick one and explain all the good qualities of that person. 
Who knows, you may even text them right after telling them how much you love them!

Day 20:

What does my ideal day look like and how can I accomplish it?

What does a perfect day full of happiness and no negativity look like to you?
Write it down, visualize it, and start making it happen!

Day 21:

What are my 5 biggest pet peeves?

For me, I cannot stand people who are always negative. They just bring down my energy with them. 
I typically try my best to stay away from them or use crystals to shield my energy from theirs. 

When recognizing our pet peeves, we can adjust our lives so we do our best to avoid situations that get on our nerves. Take this day to write down you 5 biggest pet peeves and how you could avoid them!

Day 22:

Beautiful Amethyst Points up on my Etsy Shop: lovingthyself

What is my favorite possession that I cannot live a day without?

Write down not only what your favorite possession is, but also why it’s so important to you!
What value does it bring in your everyday life?

Day 23:

What are 5 things on my bucket list that I must do before I die?

You don’t want to be 90 years old with regrets. 
So, write down 5 things you MUST do before you die.
Maybe even write out a timeline as to when you will do it!

Day 24:

If I could share a message to the world, what would it be?

Pretend you are a motivational speaker here, speaking to the whole wide world at one and everyone was listening. What is one message you would tell the world? 

I can tell you mind would be “love always wins!”

Day 25:

Who or what drains my energy?

This day is a great way to reflect on possibly yourself, your work life, and your social life. 
In all aspects of life, who or what really drain your energy? 
Is it negative people? Do you drain your own energy by stressing yourself out?

Figure out the who or what and think of ways to eliminate or decrease the daily drainage.

Day 26:

What is my favorite way to shake off a bad day?

I personally enjoy jamming out to music or going on a mindful walk. 
Write down some ways you find peace in a bad day and always come back to this in your journal when you do have a bad day as a great reminder!

Day 27:

What am I really good at?

This can be anything! Just write down things that you notice (or other tell you) that you have a gift/talent of! 

Day 28:

Who or what makes me angry?

This writing prompt isn’t necessarily to make you angry by any means, but allow you to vent!
Release that anger through your expression. Remember, no one can see your journal but you, so be real!

Day 29:

What is one thing I can do today to better myself?

On day 29, in that moment, what is just one thing that you could do that will make you a better person for what tomorrow brings you?
Maybe it’s being more positive? Maybe it’s taking more time for yourself? 

Whatever you write down, make sure to really do it the next day! 😀

Day 30:

At the end of life, what do I want to have accomplished to tell my grandchildren?

What kind of loving stories do you want to be able to tell your grandchildren some day? Something that you know they will have to tell all of their friends because you were just that extraordinary!

Remember, we only have one life here on earth. Make the most of it!


30 day self-discovery journal prompts

Final Thoughts:

Feel free to pin this for later so you can keep coming back to it!
I hope you really decide to take the initiative to find yourself with these 30 days of journal prompts!

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Namaste 🙂

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