10 Day Self-Love Journal Prompts

Do You Love Yourself?

There is no doubt that self-love is challenging.
I struggled with self-love for nearly all my life.
I truly didn’t believe I was worthy of any love at all.
And if I’m going to be quite honest with you here,
if you don’t love yourself, it’s nearly impossible to love others
or have others love you.


“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” -Rupi Kaur

Now before I truly dive in, I want to make something clear.
Self-love must start and end with you.
You must want to love yourself and change the thoughts you believe now.
I can guide you to pond, but I can’t make you drink the water. (you get my drift?)
So, stop and think now if you are really ready to change.
Stop with those nasty lies you’ve created in your mind about yourself. 
They’re not true now, nor have they ever been.

So, if YOU are ready…
Lets begin! 😉

10 Day Self-Love Journal Prompt

When you journal daily, you are able to vent out all things that you have been holding in for that day, month, or even years.

It’s your safe haven. 

So, starting today dedicate these next 30 days to yourself.
You only need about 5 minutes or less!
Use this time to reflect on only good things about yourself.
Who knows, my guess is you may smile a little more after these 30 days. 😉

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Day 1

  • What are 5 things you love about yourself?

“But Rachel, what happens if I seriously don’t love anything about myself.”

Then I would suggest digging deeper.
Write down 5 things you WISHED you loved about yourself.
But don’t write down:
“I wish I loved ___”
Instead, write: I love ______ about myself.

Your mind has made up these unloving lies about yourself; we must change them.
Just trust me, okay. 😉

Day 2

Affirmations are just a statement that can be positive or negative.
For day 2, write down 5 positive affirmations about yourself. 

“I am worthy of love.”
“I love myself.” 

Day 3

  • How do you show love to yourself on a daily basis?

Yes, you can write “I don’t.”
I want this day to be eye opening for you.
Maybe you end up noticing how you really don’t take any time to show yourself love.
You are putting everyone else first and forget about yourself.

You can also decide to write about things you WISHED you did to show yourself love on a daily basis.
This is a way to take acknowledgement of things you have decided to put on the back burner and hopefully start taking action in from here on out.


  • What would your younger self be proud of you for today?

Take this time to reflect on your past and really think about how far you have come in your life.
Think about you in High School or even as a small child.
Did you have a ton of fears about getting older? Things that would or wouldn’t happen?
Have you accomplished any of those fears?

I know when I was younger, I never believed I could be loved by anyone because I never loved myself. I really didn’t carry myself with confidence. I didn’t know how to love myself.

So, I would tell my younger self this: you will go through hell and back, but it’s all for a reason.
You will find the love of your life and find love for yourself, it will just take a lot of time. Brace yourself, you are to go on a long bumpy road.

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Day 5

  • What are some things that you are really good at?

Write down as many things that you know you are good at.
If you are only good at one thing, that is A OK!
The point here is acknowledgement.
This is an act of self-love, not cockiness.

For instance, I know that I am good at helping others, listening to others, being a student (ehem nerd), writing, painting/crafts, and dancing. These all happen to be things I also love about myself. 🙂

Day 6

  • What does love mean to you? How do you show these actions to yourself?

Does love mean unconditional to you? Commitment? Passion? Affection? Kindness? 
Maybe all of the above?
For Day 6, write down what love means to YOU. Love is a difficult one to explain, but it’s even more difficult to accomplish.

Do you show love to yourself? Things like: kindness, affection, or commitment?
Maybe you do without even taking acknowledgment of it.
Really think about this one before you write things like “I don’t.” or “I don’t know how.”
You may just surprise yourself.

Day 7

  • How do you take time for yourself? Write 5 things you do to wind down. 

When you take time to wind down and make time for yourself, that is an act of self-love.
Maybe you read, take a bath, meditate, or take a nap.

Those moments when you take time for yourself and no-one else. 🙂
Just write down a minimum of 5 things!

Day 8

  • What are 5 things you are grateful for and why?

Gratitude creates a higher frequency for yourself because when you are constantly grateful, you are happier and more aware of even more greater things that have yet to come!

“When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.” -Anthony Robbins

For day 8, write down 5 things that you are grateful for and don’t forget to write WHY! 😀

Day 9

  • What do others always compliment you on?

Have you noticed a compliment that others always tell you?
Maybe your significant other always tells you how beautiful/handsome you are?
Maybe random people always come up to you and tell you you just have the prettiest smile?

Write these things down! I promise you they AREN’T LYING!!! 
You just aren’t believing them.
So on day 9, accept their compliments by writing them all down!

Day 10
  • What is one thought about yourself you need to let go?

Embrace this one.
Take the initiative to write it down, and let it all out. Vent.
You can even write it down and during a full moon take that paper and burn it. 
This will allow you to release those thoughts to the Universe. <3

10 day self-love journal prompts


Final Thoughts 

As I mentioned earlier, self-love is hard.
What you think of as your flaws, aren’t flaws. They are what make you, YOU.

If you feel like you need that extra push and help with loving yourself, I am here to help!
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Take Care
Be The Light,

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