3 Most Unheard Of Ways To Heal Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Are You Ready To Heal Your Body, Mind, & Soul Naturally?

I have the best 3 remedies for you!
They have healed my life and the lives of many others.
However, no doctors will tell you about these 3 remedies.
In fact, a majority of people have no idea what the heck they are to even acknowledge their healing power for our mind, physical body, and soul.
If you have tried for many years, pill after pill, that doctors are prescribing for you and you still feel the same, if not worse. I have just the thing.
Or if you are wanting to prevent your body from shutting down, these remedies are just right for you as well. 🙂

“Okay, okay, enough of the build up already, tell me what I need to know!”

3 Most Unheard Of Ways To Heal Your Body, Mind, & Soul

1. Reiki

Reiki has been around for thousands of years, yet how come it is so unheard of by many?

I’m still asking myself the same question…
No worries, my plan is to the change the world so everyone knows about the amazing powerful healing benefits of Reiki!!

Reiki can be done on infants, children, animals, and adults!
Because Reiki uses energy from the Universe, our Divine, & our Higher Self to heal the lives of others!!

How? That just sounds too good to be true!
By laying of the hands. Reiki is healing that channels energy to oneself or a client.

It relieves energy blockages and imbalances, which are the sources of all illnesses!!
Reiki is so incredibly versatile that it has the capability of healing any part of ones life!
Anywhere from enhancing your capability to love, to reducing your stress levels, to curing a disease. & Everything far fetched and in between.

Incredible right?!

  • Decreases or cures: anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression.
  • Improves energy within the mind, body, and soul.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Improves the Immune System.
  • Helps speed up recovery from a surgery or life-long illness.
  • Removes blockages from the body that were causing an illness.
  • Alleviates chronic problems.
  • Improves concentration and clarity.
  • Releases emotional wounds.
  • Prevention for developing diseases.
  • Helps heal an unresolved past or a traumatic event in ones life.

I cannot say enough good things about Reiki. It has truly changed my life and I want it to do the same for you!!!
Too good to be true?
Don’t believe me?
How about you get one for yourself and then tell me otherwise 😉

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Getting Started/ My Testimonial:

I remember the first time I got a Reiki massage and my body was on a “massage high.”
I felt so light, happy, and lifted. I felt a huge shift in my energy. Just from one session!
After less than a year of going to my great friend Lisa Toney (if you live in Orlando, Florida I HIGHLY suggest her!), once a month; I went from being bed ridden to back at college full-time!!
I’m tearing up as I write this, because if you asked me 6 months ago I would’ve never believed I could’ve gotten this far and now I am ready to change the lives of others!!! 🙂

2. Kundalini Yoga

Most people understand what yoga is and somewhat of its benefits.

In one of my recent posts I explain into detail how yoga is healing lives. Click Here to find out more!


Kundalini is my absolute favorite type of yoga!
Unfortunately, most yoga studio’s do not offer Kundalini. Why? That is still the question I am asking myself…. I’m still baffled as to why the heck not! But no worries, my plan is to change that in our near future! 😉

Kundalini has been around for thousands of years! It is the most spiritual side of yoga.
It derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra, and yoga asana.

When you begin each Kundalini class you start out with the chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. By doing soyou are asking for guidance, protection, and wisdom from you Higher Power.

  •  Increases spiritual health.
  •  Increases physical and emotional grounding in the body.
  •  Increased balance within ones spirit.
  •  Creates a sensation of feeling whole.
  •  Calms anxiety or stress in the body.
  •  Allows you to become present, “in the moment.”
  • Increased awareness and compassion for self and others.
  • Burn off karma.
  • Protection from negativity.
  • The Mantras (Chants) change chemicals in your brain, which can help heal a variety of different illnesses and emotional problems.
  • Strengthen and balances our Nervous System.
  • Letting your ego go, and finding the true you!
  •  For more information about Kundalini, Check out Kundalini for Beginners ( Only $3 on Amazon!) 

3. Transfer Factor –  4life Products

Have you tried all different types of pills, alternative medicine, and remedies? However, nothing seems to be truly making you feel better?
Or just feels like a bandage over what the core problem is?

I have too! I am also allergic to EVERYTHING in the books, including “all natural” things.


Have you heard of Transfer Factor or any 4life Products?
If you haven’t, boy do I have some exciting news for you!
If you have, you know that these supplements have saved your life and millions around us! 

A Little Background:

4life products were discovered by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence in 1949.
Transfer factors are remarkable molecules that transfer valuable immune memory and knowledge
from one entity to another. Unlike common supplements you find in every health food store, transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs. Instead, they’re peptides that transfer immune memory and knowledge from one entity to another!

They work with your immune system to balance it so it’s not over working or under working.
In case you didn’t know, most diseases start when the immune system is down or over working.

Most doctors don’t know about 4life products and will choose not to prescribe it to you!! Why? Simply because they don’t get money from the 4life products like they do from drug companies!! Which makes me so so sad… and that’s another rant I could go off on haha. 🙁
However, you can in fact find it in the PDR ( Prescribers Digital Reference)!! Which is where doctors or any health practitioners  use to prescribe patients medication!!

For more information about Transfer Factor or any 4life products: Click here!

***Please do not buy from Amazon or anywhere besides the above link. I know many people change the product and try to sell it for less and you will not get the same (if any) results!! 
Comment below with any questions OR email me! ***

I am SO incredibly passionate about these products!!! I REALLY REALLY want to change the world, with one being letting the world know about these products. 

If you want to give these products a try: Click Here to purchase 🙂

 Personal Testimonials I Have Experienced:

 1. My close friend Trinity, who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 8! It hurt me to see her struggle daily to put on clothes because she was in so much pain at such a young age. She went to every doctor, even the best of the best. They had her on everything from steroids to a low dose of chemo. At Age 8!! 🙁 A couple years went by and she was introduced to Transfer Factor and within 3 short weeks she was back to being her silly, pain free, loving, fun self! She has flair ups occasionally. so she just takes another 2 pills and back to normal she feels!

  2.  A lady I randomly met out of coincidence. She suffered heavily from Lupus. Doctors were prescribing her pills that caused her much more damage than health. She wound up getting cancer and 2 knee surgeries from the pills not even her disease! Then she was introduced to Transfer Factor 4life and after 8 short months, she feels better than ever! All her lab work is back to normal and she is living a happy life!

3. That same lady’s husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer  shortly after she recovered from Lupus. So naturally, she told her husband NO CHEMO take transfer factor 4life! So he did! Only 3 short months later, he was told he was cancer free and still is today! Yes, you heard that correctly. CANCER FREE!

  4. My favorite testimonial, me! If you have been reading my blogs you know that over a year ago I was bed ridden, in a dark dark place in my life. No doctors could help me. It was up to me, myself, and I to conquer this unheard of illness and becoming healthier and stronger than ever. I decided to use Transfer Factor after I was experiencing major immune issues. The smallest bug would have me even more sick! Until, I remembered Trinity’s story and how it changed her life! So I decided to try it and within a couple of weeks I started to feel less foggy in the brain, and then was able to fight any bug that came my way. To this day, I feel better than I ever have and it has even helped my eczema immensely!

Final Thoughts…

Did you know of any of these 3 remedies to heal your life?
If so, how have they impacted your life?!
If not, which one do you intend to incorporate into your life?
Comment below with your answers, or any questions you have! 🙂


Disclosure, I am an Affiliate with Amazon & I am not a medical professional. This is merely all based off of my own knowledge and life experiences. 

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