5 Mudras (Hand Symbols) To Enhance Your Meditation

First & Foremost, What Are “Mudras?”

A Mudra is a symbolic gesture that is typically seen in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.
However, you might tend to see them during a yoga class or meditation guidance.
There are over 100 mudras, that you can use anytime or anywhere!!

Mudras are GREAT for helping you focus your meditation on a specific need or want!
Your hand gesture sends your energy to your Higher Power and the Universe, intending to receive an answer 🙂

5 Mudras To Enhance Your Meditation

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1. Gyana Mudra/ Guru Gesture 

  • Symbolizes: Focus & transformation.
  • Gesture: Wisdom, Understanding, & Knowledge.
  • Great For: Calming the body, reflection, grounding your body, and supporting the root chakra.
  • Perfect for meditation! 🙂
  • The “Om” sound vibration is typically done here!

Place your thumb and index finger to touch, but leave the other finger extended. Place hands on knees with palms facing up. 

2. Buddha Mudra/ Contemplation Gesture 

  • Symbolizes: Creativity.
  • Gesture: To quiet the mind, relax, and reflect.
  • Great For: Relaxation, calming the nervous system, and the sacral chakra.
  • This mudra is great when you need to take a quick break from work, school, or life. Take a big inhale…and exhale. Repeat a couple of times with the hand gesture.
  • “Vam” would be a great add on vibration sound to enhance this relaxing mudra, while you meditate. 🙂

This one is slightly different for men and women. Men place the left hand palm up in the lap and the right hand in the left palm up. Women just reverse the hand positions. Then gently cup your hands and bring your thumbs together so they slightly touch. 

3. Anjali Mudra/ Namaste Gesture

  • Symbolizes: The divine in me salutes the divine in you. All is one.
  • Gesture: Peace, Gratitude, & Humility.
  • Great For: Thanking those watching out for you either above in heaven or those surrounding you. Also, you” notice if you take yoga classes you typically do this mudra, you are also thanking the yoga teacher for her lesson and how grateful you are for her!
  • Showing how grateful we are consistently every day is so important for our over all well-beings. Click Here!! to understand why this is so 🙂

Bring your palms together and rest your thumbs against the middle of your chest.

4. Hakini Mudra/ All Seeing Eye Gesture

  • Gesture/Symbolizes: Protection, Communication, & Connection to you Higher Power
  • Great For: When you are in need for assistance or to share a concern with your Higher Power or guardian angels.
  • I remember when I did this symbol for the first time, I asked for God’s guidance and direction in life. I was feeling a bit unsure and confused… Within minutes of my meditation session my prayers were answered. I continually do this mudra as I embark life because I think it’s so important that I follow His guidance and direction so my life can be filled with love and purpose. 🙂


Fingertips on both hands align and touch to create a triangle, which can be held up to your chest or down by your naval. 

5. Anahata Mudra/ Love Gesture

  • Symbolizes: Love
  • Gesture: The Heart, Love, & Healing
  • Great For: Heartache, Forgiveness, Conflict, any Negativity swarming your energy, and cleansing the Heart Chakra.
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Negative Energy is a blog posted recently that informs you of the impact of negativity on your health, but also why it’s valuable in our survival needs!

Have the thumb and forefinger meet and rest over your heart/chest. Rest your left hand on your knee or thigh. Same hand mudra as the Guru Gesture, just placed in a different place on your body. 

Please comment below when you have tried any of these mudras and what response you received from your Higher Power in return? 🙂

Take Care. Namaste. Be the Light.

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