5 Simple & Effective Ways To Make Time For Yourself, Even YOU You Busy Bee.


Do you struggle to find time for yourself? Or even think to make time for yourself?

Well I’m here to tell you, it’s sure time you do!!!

So by now, you might be saying things like: “I don’t have time.” or “What’s the use?
Overtime, if you stop taking time for yourself, you are slowly depleting more and more energy. Eventually your body will get tired of trying to compensate and just crash. Or even worse, develop an illness.

You think you’re invincible?!? Sorry to tell you, you aren’t. I wish we were. I sure thought I was for most of my life. Until, I had no choice but to take care of myself and put myself first. I had developed a life-threatening illness that no doctors could seem to figure out…I mean I went to AT LEAST 15 different doctors in panic mode. I was bedridden for 2 months (I’m only 22). I even took many visits to the ER & hospital. Still no answers. Just me, myself, and I to discover what in the world was going on.

I am sharing this traumatic story, not to scare you (well maybe…) 
but mostly as an eye opener for YOU!!!!

5 Simple Ways You Can Start Making Time For Yourself (Starting Today!)

1. Meditation

Everyone has 3 minutes in their day. Just 3! I promise you. 3 minutes is ALL you need to meditate. If you are new to meditation, set a timer so you know that you have done your daily meditation for the day. However, the more the merrier!!

Typically I do between 10-30 minutes of meditation right before I go to bed. This allows my mind, body, and soul to relax. To set the intention that it time to sleep, instead of creating brain storms about what I am going to make for dinner the next day. Or blaming myself for all the things I could have done that day. Or even staring at the black blank wall wondering when in the world my body is going to just magically hit the hay.

How to:

There are numerous ways to enjoy your meditation.

  • Start by placing yourself in a dark, calm, peaceful, quiet room. A place where you will have ZERO distractions. This is the most efficient and effective way
  • .Close your eyes, begin to relax your mind, and body. Sit in an easy pose.
  • Breathe in (6 counts) and imagine cold blue air seeping in. First starting from the universe or our Higher Power. Then allowing that beautiful air to flow through your nose and spreading evenly throughout your body.
  • Hold your breath there for 3 counts.
  • Exhale (8 counts) and imagine hot fiery red air seeping out of your body and delivered to the universe to release, restore, and recreate into the beautiful cool blue air that fills our mind, body, and soul with unconditional love and health.
  • Hold your breath there for 1 count.
  • Repeat.
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You can do many different variations, but I hope this helps you start or gives you a new way to try your meditation session with your lovely self.

Allow your thoughts, emotions, and breathe to be and flow. If you find your mind wandering, bring your mind back to the breath.

Mediation is also beneficial because it allows your cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive system to rest and reset. 

2. Yoga

When we take care of our bodies, we are also taking care of our soul.
Yoga even more so. Yoga has been around for thousands of years changing the lives of others by allowing others to not only take care of their mind and body, but also their precious soul. Click Here to find out why!

Yoga can be done at home, the gym, a yoga studio, or really anywhere you find a spot that is tranquil. I will say if you are new to the idea of trying yoga I would try it at home from YouTube or online. This way you can understand the lingo and build your body up to an hours class. You may believe yoga is only slow paced and anyone can handle a full hour. I’m just telling you, you’re wrong. Sorry. Yoga can be high intense (Bikram) or very low intense (Yin), and everything in between. I just believe it’s best to start off at home so you feel comfortable and ready. No need for stress, its yoga and time for yourself. 🙂

Lovely Yoga for Beginners & Stress Relievers:

Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, or Gentle Flow.

I absolutely love these. These three are perfect for a nice 10 minutes or 1 hour of beautiful time for your mind, body, and soul. They will thank you, promise.

3. Reiki (Energy Massage)

Everyone knows that a massage soothes the body and eases stress. So if you have time to go get one or have your lover give you one, it is an amazing stress reliever and a perfect way to take time to breathe for yourself.

However, have you ever heard of Reiki? Aka a energy massage. Reiki has been around for thousands of years!!!

Reiki: laying of the hands. Healing that channels energy to oneself. or a client. Reiki relieves energy blockages and imbalances, which are the sources of all illnesses.

I have personally experienced the amazing benefits from Reiki by a lady named Lisa Toney who lives near me. Every time I go to get a Reiki massage by her, I am more and more amazed by the overall benefits that it has.

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Some of Reiki Benefits:
  • Decreases or cures: anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression.
  • Improves energy within the mind, body, and soul.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Removes blockages from the body that were causing an illness.
  • Alleviates chronic problems.
  • Improves concentration and clarity.
  • Releases emotional wounds.
  • Prevention for developing diseases.
  • Helps heals an unresolved past or a traumatic event in ones life.

Note: I have personally experienced all of these incredible benefits for myself and absolutely in awe from where I was to where I am now!!!! Reiki can even be done on yourself! 🙂


As simple as this one sounds, sometimes it’s the one we seem to neglect the most. I know I did for years!!

Yes, we breathe without thinking about it (wouldn’t life be tough if our body didn’t do that on it’s own!) .


However, when we have had a long day at work, school, or just in general; the majority of the time we forget to breathe!!!

Lets practice right now:
Relax your shoulders, face, body, and mind.
Breathe in cool blue air for 6 counts.
Hold for 2 counts.
Exhale red heat out for 8 counts.
Hold for 1 count.

How do you feel after just one round of releasing some tension built up in your glorious body?
I just did it and noticed I really needed that 🙂

5. Mantras

Negative self talk can be the quick catalyst to spark stress within your body, mind, and soul.
When your thoughts spiral with negativity, worry, and fear your body goes into adrenaline mode. If you are doing this daily, you are keeping your body constantly on overdrive.

However, if you start today by taking a minute to look in the mirror and tell yourself positive mantras (affirmations) your body, mind, and soul will eventually start to believe you. You will become AWESOME,stress free, and understanding that life is all within Divine’s timing [when you listen to Him for guidance].

Mantra Ideas:
  • It always works out.
  • I trust the process of life.
  • I am beautiful/handsome.
  • I am good enough.
  • I am financially stable.
  • As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.

I also describe the Power of Daily Positive Affirmations in my blog: Click Here to read!

After this blog post, are you more willing to put yourself first? Take time for your mind, body, and soul? Out of the 5 simple ways to start taking care of yourself, which one will you start by doing? One? All? Comment below, let me know!:)
Take Care. Be The Light.


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