The Power Of Positive Affirmations Daily

 Loving Yourself Starts Here & Now

When Was The Last Time You Looked In The Mirror & Told Yourself Something Nice?

and no…I don’t mean in a conceded manner.

If you answered never, a month, or a week ago, I say it’s time you start making it part of your everyday morning routine.

How? What do I say? Do I lie to myself?

Thoughts like:
~I am ugly
~I am not good enough
~I am unworthy of love
~No one loves me
~I can’t accomplish anything
~I don’t trust people
~I am attracted to bad things


Essentially you might initially think you’re lying to yourself, but in reality it will all become your TRUTH the more you say and believe your positive affirmations.

Start Changing Your Perception

Some possible affirmations to start your day might be:

~ I am beautiful
~I am financially stable
~ All is well
~I am happy
~I am strong
~I love my body
~I am filled with love from others and myself
~I am safe to be myself
~I live in the now



I am a BIG FAN of Louise Hay.
I truly believe she has changed my life.

I have personally have: Power Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set)
It is a deck of daily positive affirmations. I LOVE them. These daily affirmations always seem to be spot on with what I am going through in my life and how to be more positive about it! 
I say you start today, just simply buy buying this and you will notice a difference in your mind, body, and soul. 🙂

louise hay power of thought cards

 My Challenge for you: 

Every morning when you wake up, go to the restroom, look at yourself in the mirror and say your affirmations. It might take a couple of days, months, or years until you really start to believe in your affirmations. However, remember that you are living a lie by this nonsense you tell yourself daily ( too fat, ugly, poor, etc). My goal is to bring you back to reality, who you REALLY are and LOVE who you are!

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After you do so, please comment or email me! I would love to hear your success, questions, & stories 🙂

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Rach here! Yogi, Beach, & Animal Lover. I aspire to help others (like you) heal naturally through two major aspects: loving themselves and faith. From the inside-out. Mind, body, soul, and spiritual health! 🙂
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