Bullet Journal Ideas For Creating & Achieving Your Health Goals For The New Year

Do You Know What A Bullet Journal Is?
If we are going to be honest here, I totally had no idea what a “bullet journal” was for awhile.
Until I stumbled across it on pinterest and fell in love.
A bullet journal:
a journal with blank pages that are used as space for customizing things you’d like to accomplish.


  • a daily to-do list
  • a list of goals you want to accomplish for the new year
  • a meal planner
  • a grocery list
  • savings tracker
  • mood tracker
  • health goals
  • a list of people’s birthdays
Source: @bullet_journal_creativity

As you can see, the options are endless.
However, today we are going to conquer one thing with our bullet journal:

Creating & Achieving Your Health Goals for the New Year (2018)!

No matter how well off you believe you are in life, there is always room for improvement.
You should always be striving for optimum health: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Have you ever made a new years resolution and after a month your goal was already a goner?

I think we all have (including myself).

However, I can almost bet you never set out a plan for yourself.
You probably just made a goal and told yourself you would totally make it happen by the end of the year.

annnnnd that is why it always fails! :p

So, that’s why I am here to SAVE THE DAY and help you crush your new years resolution(s) like a boss! 🙂

First things first, you’ll need a bullet journal!
My recommendations are below 😀


What are your health goals for the new year? (2018)

Take a minute right now to think about it. Even if you are reading this well into the new year, it’s never too late to make health goals for yourself!

Next, we need to create a plan!
Below I have created my own bullet journal idea for how to creatively plan out and accomplish my goals for the new year!

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Bullet Journal Idea #1: Timeline

  • Set out one goal or many health goals that you would like you accomplish this year.
  • Pick a day that works best for you to start each health goal.
  • Write them out in the finish section.
  • For each yellow star on the timeline, figure out how you are going to accomplish each health goal, step by step.
  • Pick a reasonable date that you feel you can accomplish each goal by.
  • Begin at the start section and go down from there.


Simple enough, eh? But also, TOTALLY effective 🙂

Bullet Journal Idea #2: Fill In The Blank

This one is much less strategic and a lot more fun!
You can write one thing in each box or 20!
However, really make this about you and what you realistically believe you can accomplish this year. 🙂


Your final step would be to conquer and crush these goals throughout the year!
Never quit!!

If you forget or fall behind… remember, it’s A OK!
Breathe and continue with your goal(s)!

Final Thoughts…

New Years resolutions tend to be vague and short term.
However, when you are able to use a bullet journal to creatively plan out exactly what you want to accomplish, how you are going to accomplish it, and when.
You are on a much better track for success!

I sure hope these bullet journal ideas help YOU! 
You can choose to save it on your phone, print them out, repin it for later (pinterest), or draw them out on your own bullet journal!

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Take Care,
Be The Light. Namaste 🙂

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