Creative and Effective Bullet Journal Ideas for Mental Health

But Do You Even Bullet Journal?

bullet journal

But seriously! Bullet journals are awesome! 
Because they are a mix between a planner, journal, and creativity (all in one)!
A bullet journal has blank pages that are used as a space for creatively customizing things that you would like to accomplish.
Or if you’re someone who likes things that are simplistic and to the point, you can design it that way as well! 😀

I personally love bullet journals because I love crafts, journals, and being organized. 
Basically…it’s a dream come true for me. 😉

Some examples of what you could use it for:

  • Goals ( mental, physical, or spiritually)
  • Mood tracker
  • Self Care Plan/Ideas 
  • Planner
  • List of birthdays 
  • Daily to-do list
  • Savings goals

You can essential do anything your heart desires!
However, today we are going to stick to just one of those examples, and that is bullet journal ideas for mental health!
The examples that will be listed below are ones that I came up with myself and adore. Enjoy.<3

Creative & Effective Bullet Journal Ideas for Your Mental Health

1. Idea #1: Self-Care 

self-care bullet journal

Self-care is so important for your mental, physical, and spiritual health! 
It’s a must. No ifs, ands, or buts. 

How to:

  • Draw/color a large heart and place your favorite way(s) to make time for yourself! 
  • Draw a key, using hearts 
  • On the left side of the journal, draw out a grid to keep track of your accomplishments! 
  • I personally drew mine to keep track daily for 8 weeks and then drew another grid on the back for another 8 weeks! 
  • On days where you decide to do more than one thing for yourself, just split the box up into however many you did that day and color it in! 

This is such a fun and effective way to track (but also remind) yourself that you do have the time to take care of yourself, you just have to make it happen!

Click Here to ready about my personal self-care tool kit that I use on a daily basis! It might help you with more ideas as well. 🙂

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2. Idea #2: Mood Tracker

mood tracker bullet journal

This one can be tough at first, only because sometimes it’s hard to rate yourself!
Instead,you can use this mood trackers to motivate yourself!
When you actually see on paper that your life is constantly good, bad, or a mess. 
You can start making the choice to turn that frown upside down. 😉

How to:

  • Write “Moon(d) Phases” in the center. Clever eh..;)
  • Draw out the 8 moons and then fill in their phases. (all in black)
  • Write out days 1-14, going in order (clockwise).
  • Draw out a key with any moods that you know you have been feeling lately, or hope to feel one day. (see picture)
  • Everyday fill out how the majority of your day went. Be very honest with yourself.

Let this mood tracker motivate you, not put you down! Strive to always have good days! 

3. Idea #3: Self-Love

self-love bullet journal

I hated myself for nearly a decade of my life and it led me to be very very ill. 

There is also a difference from loving yourself and being cocky. 
It’s okay to love everything about yourself. Embrace your flaws, embrace the good. 
Regardless, you should love it all because at the end of the day it’s what makes up you. 
You are amazing in every way shape and form, no matter what else anyone ever tells you. 
Got that? 

How To:

  • Write in the center dark, large, and proud: “what I love about myself.”
  • Fill the paper with hearts and whatever makes you happy! 
  • Finally, start writing everything that you love about yourself. 
  • Also, include things that you may not totally love, but want to work on and put a star next to it! 

It’s a challenge at first, but gets better with time. 
If you cannot think of many things, don’t worry! 
Keep coming back to it when you do. <3

If you are in need of a bullet journal, this one is personally my favorite. 🙂

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Would love to see pictures of yours when you are done! Comment below or email me. 🙂
Take Care. Be The Light.

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