Dear Younger Me…. What I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self!

Dear Younger Me, Where Do I Start?

5 things I wish I could tell my younger self

Have you ever wanted to go back in time?
To tell your younger self everything you needed to know,

so you wouldn’t go through so much grief, heartache, or even depression.
I sure wish I could….
But where do I even start?
But then again, I wouldn’t be nearly as strong as I am today,

if it weren’t for everything I made it through, throughout my life thus far.
However, there are a couple of things in life that I really do wish I knew.
Fortunately, I am still young enough where I can take these life lessons and put them into perspective from now on.
I hope you can as well. <3

I was inspired to write this from the song “Dear Younger Me,” by MercyMe.

5 Things I Would Go Back In Time & Tell My Younger Self

1. For Goodness Sake, You ARE Good Enough!

Now looking back and thinking about it, it almost feels like a smack in the face.

I used to compare and contrast myself to everyone else. Therefore, how on earth could I ever see myself as “good enough.”

If I could back in time, I would tell little Rachel that everyone is beautifully unique in their own way. What works well for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you.

You ARE good enough, good enough to achieve ANYTHING in life. You are good enough now and good enough for whom you will eventually become. 

No ifs, ands, or buts, ya heard?! 😉
(I mean I need to really knock myself into some sense some how, you know?)

2. Some How, Some Way, You WILL Get Through This

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Time always felt like every second was about 3 hours when I was going through either depression, health problems, or the healing stage of any wounds (mentally, emotionally, or physically).

So many times, I would contemplate whether it was really worth the push to the end. Or if I would ever see the light at the end?
Even when family or friends told me it would all be okay, I never fully believed them.

I wish I could tell my younger self, that we are meant to go through these hard times to makes us stronger. You WILL get through this, don’t ever give up!

Each bump in the road isn’t failure, but merely your Higher Power placing you to exactly where you need to be. Stop being so stubborn and listen!

3. You Don’t Need To Be Anyone, But YOURSELF

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all?”

I wish I could tell my younger self that you will find your identity through life, not by envying others or trying to mimic others. You will only become them when you do so.

Also, there is no one best suited for you, then you!
So, why not be YOU? 🙂

4. You Are Not Alone

I have been through a lot of rough patches in my life, many to which I never saw myself coming out alive. I mean, really really dark moments in my life.

During those hard times, I always felt alone. I felt like no one went through what I did and no one had it worse than me. I was so incredibly hard on myself.

Little did I know, and what I wish I knew at the time is: you are NOT alone.

I would tell my younger self that many people go through what I was going through (or worse) and they have not only won the battle, but they came out of it stronger than they ever were! Who says that you cannot do the same thing?

Also, don’t be so afraid to reach out for help, more people will be understanding and willing to help than you think!

5. Shut Up, & Go Within

Growing up, I always let my brain win. Everything (negative or positive) that would pop-up in my brain, I always let it take over my life.
Sometimes, I kind of felt like I was fighting with the devil (aka my ego). Not cool, man. Not cool.

I always wished there was an “off” button for my brain. 

Little did I know, there was one! Maybe not a tangible “on-off” switch, but there is a way to turn off those unwanted, overwhelming thoughts.

I would tell my younger self to shut up and go within. Take this time to meditate. Focus on your breath. Breathe. Everything will be okay. Talk to the universe. Pray. Once you do so, your brain will indeed “shut off.” It will take some practice, but it’s way better than that ego of yours.

Or if I was having a high anxiety day and didn’t feel like my body could sit still for three minutes, I would tell myself to let it all out with yoga! I now know what poses are perfect for anxiety or stress! (click here to find out!) Yoga is another perfect way to shut the mind off and focus within on the breath!

Final Thoughts…

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I hope these life lessons that I wish I could tell my younger self, you can incorporate into your own life! It’s never too late. 🙂

What’s one thing you wish you could tell your younger self? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Take Care. Be The Light.

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