Design Your Dream Meditation Room – A Great Guide for Beginners

When Was The Last Time You Were Alone With Just Your Thoughts?

designing your dream meditation room


I mean seriously, alone. This includes your pets, children, significant other, and cell phone.

As humans, we are always on the go and never manage to take the time for ourselves. It’s 100% the reason why our society is constantly so STRESSED and new diseases are popping out like babies. Okay maybe not that fast, but still… it’s heart breaking and 100% preventable. 

“If you don’t go within, you go without.” Yogi Bhajan

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about meditation! 

Meditation is a place where you reside with only your mind, body, and breath.
It’s a time to take for yourself, consider it an act of self-love. 🙂
You only need 3 minutes out of your busy day to make time for meditation.
Now, meditation can be quite hard if you are a beginner to it or even an expert if you don’t have a space that allows you to quiet the mind.

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5 Must-Have’s For Designing Your Zen Meditation Room

1. Quiet 

quiet meditation room

As I mentioned earlier, meditation is a time to relax and de-stress.
In order to do so, you must have a calm, quiet space. 

You can choose any room in your house, but preferably one with doors, if you have pets, children, or a significant other in your home. 

Remove your cell phone and any distractions. 
Your brain is enough of a distraction as it is. 

2. Clutter-Free

clutter free meditation room

You may have a room that is in peace and quiet, but what does it really look like?

If you go into a room in your house and are pleased that you finally have some peace and quiet, but then start to notice all the clutter before you begin…
This will most likely cause you to panic (especially if you have OCD).

I can tell you right now that your meditation session will not go over well if your room is cluttered. 

Funny thing is, I do my meditation in my office, but I converted it into half meditation/yoga room half office. 

I used a beautiful large tapestry and decorated one side of the room so that it was tranquil, de-cluttered, and worry free. I never notice the office space behind me because I simply focus what’s in front of me. 🙂 

3. Comfort

Easy pose sitting on a yoga mat and pillow for comfort in her meditation room

So, now that you are able to find peace and quiet, it’s time to get comfortable.
During meditation, you want to feel as in the moment as you can.

If you are squirming around and not allowing yourself to be still, your mind will never be able to be still. 

2 Steps To Comfort:

1. Decide what position you want to meditate in:

  • Easy pose (sitting in a cross legged position with your back straight up)
  • Shavasana (lying on your back with your palms facing up)

Choose which one that you will feel most comfortable in.

2. Decide what you want to lay on:

and voila, you’ve got yourself comfort!

4. Sight

my personal beautiful meditation/yoga room with the Buddha statue, salt lamp, and crystals that I use

“Why would I need something nice to see, if I am closing my eyes?”

Funny you ask, just like you need to have a de-cluttered room, you need to have a room that makes you WANT to go and meditate. A room that brings peace to your mind as soon as you walk in. 

Some things that I currently have in my meditation room that I find extremely beneficial are:

  • Buddha Meditation Zen Statue

    Buddha Statue Up on My Etsy Shop: Lovingthyself

    -Buddhism is merely the philosophy of the way of life!
    -Buddha means enlightened one, a knower.
    -Buddha teachings can be summed up in one word: Dhamma. It means truth.
    -It also means law, the law which exists in a man’s own heart and mind.
    -Principle of righteousness.

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  • Crystals

    Beautiful Amethyst Points up on my Etsy Shop: lovingthyself

    -Crystals aren’t just shinny and pretty. 
    -They’re incredibly healing through their energy vibrations. 
    -If you are wanting to attract healing or get a answer through your meditation, crystals will help you do so.
    -You can also lay the crystals on your body during meditation. 

    -If you are wanting to learn about crystals and how you can use them to manifest anything in your lifeclick here! I have an awesome free webinar teaching you all about crystals!

    I sell beautiful crystals on my Etsy shop as well! Click Here to shop. 🙂

  • Salt lamps

    salt lamp benefits

    -Emits positive energy
    -Help eliminate allergies (wouldn’t want to sneeze while meditating)
    -Calms the mind

All things that I have suggested are pictured above. The picture is of my actual meditation room with the Buddha statue, crystals, and salt lamp I use! 🙂

5. Sound

singing bowl

There is no doubt that meditation can be quite difficult when it comes to shutting off your mind.
However, sound can help you focus on living in the now and not what you have going on tomorrow or what you want for breakfast in the morning.

The 2 Ways To Use Sound During Your Meditation:

  • Tibetan Sound Bowl
    -It induces a deep meditative and peaceful state
    -Helps clear the mind
    -The sound vibrations impact our nervous system (hello relaxation and zero stress)
    -If you have never used a sound bowl, I would suggest having your significant other or someone else ring it for you while you lay down during meditation. It will allow you to get into a much deeper meditation and you can thank me later for it. 😉

  • Guided Meditation Music
    -If you are a beginner to meditation, having someone guide you through the process makes it a lot easier. 
    -I personally love this one for anxiety and this one for opening my heart chakra on youtube!

I hope this guide really helped you! <3 
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Namaste 🙂
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