Give, Even When You Have Nothing

Give? But I have nothing to give?

“For that it is in giving, that we receive.” Francis of Assisi


Have you ever volunteered your time and afterwords couldn’t express your overwhelming gratitude and happiness? Or given someone a gift at Christmas time and couldn’t wait to have them open it because you were that elated to see their reaction?

This overwhelming sensation you are feeling isn’t just happening for no reason…
It’s the power of giving!

Some of the most powerful givers are: God, parents, and volunteers.
They give their unconditional love, time, and treasures without any second thought.

They create a higher frequency in their universe by doing so.
For those who give, shall receive.

Giving is one of our greatest joys.
It’s also one of the most fearless and powerful gesture there is. 

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My Challenge For You:

Starting today, write down a list of items, time, or love you could give to others.
Once you have that list, make a goal for yourself to start giving!

Once a week, is a good start! Daily is optimal 🙂

Here is some ideas to get your brain going:

1. Be Creative
If you love to paint or make creative gifts (like myself), paint something you know one particular person would just love to have and give it to them as a gift!

2. Volunteer
Giving doesn’t have to involve money! Pick 1 cause that has a meaning to yourself. Find events that they have and email them to volunteer!
One of my favorite organizations to volunteer for is B.A.S.E Camp Cancer Foundation. Believe Achieve Support & Educate. This camp provides a year-round base of support for children and families who are facing the challenge of living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. There is no feeling in the world like seeing those children smile during dinner and a movie night when we give them dinner in the hospital and go around to each room pulling a wagon filled with movies, popcorn, and candy.

3. Helping Hand
Lend a helping hand to some one you see struggling opening the door going into a restaurant. Or help an old lady put her groceries into her car.

4. Money To a Charity
For those that do have even an extra $5 a month to give, do! Pick a charity that most interests you and devote an allotted amount of money to it monthly. Every little thing counts!

5.Those Being Rude
Yes I said it! Even those who are being mean, judgmental, or snarky. Ever heard the saying “kill them with kindness?” Well it’s so true!! They might just need a hug or some loving. By giving them some extra love, who knows it might change their outlook as well.

Let me know of ideas that you, yourself come up with and the changes you feel within yourself.
Giving is so essential to becoming whole and essentially loving yourself!


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Rach here! Yogi, Beach, & Animal Lover. I aspire to help others (like you) heal naturally through two major aspects: loving themselves and faith. From the inside-out. Mind, body, soul, and spiritual health! 🙂
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