The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Negative Energy

What comes to your mind when you think of negative energy?

My guess, you described negativity as: bad, horrible, contradicting, denial, fear, refusal. etc…
You get where I’m going!
Have you ever thought of negative energy to sometimes be a good thing?
Something that helps us survive daily.
However, constantly overwhelming negativity can be really horrible for your body, mind, and soul.

The Good

Negative energy.. isn’t always “negative.”
Negative energy is a big survival necessity.

To with hold the good kind of negative energy gives us strength to:

Become subconsciously always aware of our surroundings.

Unfortunately, we are not in a world where everything is roses and smiles. :/

We have a lot of horrible horrible people in this world. Ones we just cannot trust when they are in our area!!

Subconsciously (and consciously) our negative energy is aware of people who…lets just say… don’t live their life with integrity. Lie, cheat, steal, kill.

We must constantly use our survival instincts to always be aware of who, what, and where we are located at all times. When something “just doesn’t feel right.” It’s time to head on out of there quicker than a blink of an eye!

So, next time your instincts tell you that “something just doesn’t feel right about being here,” listen because that’s why you have GOOD negative energy! Embrace it. Act on it. Be thankful for it. 

The Bad

Hey listen up, because I am most likely talking to you.

Ooooh  you bad, bad, girl (or boy)….
Yes you!



Stop telling yourself that you:

  • Aren’t good enough.
  • not beautiful or handsome enough.
  • Aren’t capable of getting a promotion at work.
  • Won’t ever make enough money.
  • Can’t become successful because it’s only for the rich.
  • Can’t do “this or that.”
  • Aren’t loved by anyone.
  • Are worthless.Let me tell you something right now, you are enough.

Every inch of you is.

You have lied to yourself for years telling yourself otherwise.
So how about it’s time you stop all those negative lying thoughts and start telling yourself truths.
When you are constantly telling yourself all of these negative thoughts, you are creating a lower frequency for yourself.

Have you ever noticed that the people around you also do the same thing?
Constantly talk about all of the negative things in their lives, with not a peep about what they are grateful for.

Well, this is because like attracts like. 
You and the people you are surrounded with are all at a low frequency from the constant negativity you tell yourself daily.

So, how can you change this? 
Through positive affirmations. 

Instead of thoughts like: “I am not good enough” change them to: “I am good enough.”
Even though you don’t believe it now, you will after repeating those thoughts over time and start become the energy you want to attract in your life (aka positive). 😉 

For more information about positive affirmations: click here. 🙂

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 The Ugly

When I think of ugly, I don’t know about you… but the first thing that pops into my mind is ugly people.
Not looks (everyone is beautiful is their own ways!)
I’m talking about Negative Nancys. People who are always so negative, that they wined up bringing your energy down with them and that’s just not right!!

(I’m sure we all know someone who is like that..ahem)
We are so incredibly blessed everyday, and every day there is a million things that you can bless yourself for. There is no reason to whine, complain, and negatively speak constantly about others, yourself, or any life problems.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s A OK to vent, and most of the time that releases a lot of ones anger or any emotions that has built up.

It’s not A OK, to constantly talk negatively about yourself, life, or anyone else around you. You are only depleting yourself of more and more energy daily, possibly even creating an illness inside of you. Since I am a energy sensitive person, I just try my best to avoid those kind of people.

Your mind feels the negative energy, your body feels the negative energy, your soul feels the negative energy, and quite frankly so does the rest of the universe. Plus, sorry but no one wants to be friends with a Negative Nancy!!!

Final Thoughts…

Negative energy can have it’s benefits and it’s downfalls.
I want you from here on out to take a moment out of your day to remove some of your own negative energy or negative energy from others.
Do this by a quick daily 3 minute meditation. A time for yourself. You deserve it.

After a week, comment below and tell me how you have been feeling after removing some of that negative energy from your life, or moments where you were thankful for your negative energy (instincts) that kicked in!!!:)

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