Therapist Aren’t Thaaat Scary! Helpful Advice Before Entering Your First Therapy Session!

Have You Taken The Initiative To See A Therapist Yet?

Personally, I know how intimidating going to a therapist sounds.
Will this be worth my time and money?” “Who in their right mind could help me… I’m a mess?
These are some of the questions that you might currently be pondering about, or maybe that was just me…
Your first step in healing your own life is: understanding you have a problem.
Your second step is: taking the initiative to look for help.
Your third step is: working on your problems.
Your final step is: obtaining your mental health for eternity!
As you can see, these steps are life long.
Today, we will work on step 2!

Helpful Advice Before Entering Your First Therapy Session! Things I Wish I Knew…

1. This isn’t the time to be “fashionably late!”

i love this movie.<3

Your first therapy session is intimidating, there is no doubt about it. Oh, and if you have anxiety… seeing a therapist seems nearly impossible…
Can I get an AMEN?!

You need to show up at least 15 minutes early on your first session.
Why? The dreadful paperwork. 

I know it’s dreadful, because who really enjoooys evaluating themselves?
Like hellooo, I made it this far, can you just fix me already… pretty pleaseee, with a cherry on top? 

Honestly, it’s not that bad!!! 

Tip: go prepared. Know what you have came to speak about!
Typically therapist ask you: your name, birthday, reason why you’ve decided to get help, and your insurance.
There has been one time where my paperwork was 5 pages long (unnecessary) and a time when my paperwork was one page long! Just depends…

2. “You make me wanna SHOUT, put my hands up and shout!” 

Scream. Shout. Tell. Yell. Cry. Laugh. Smile.
And everything far in between.

Be prepared, to let out everything.

Your first session will be one of the most difficult.
Simply because you are telling a stranger:
(a) everything you have been holding in for years
(b) information that makes you feel vulnerable
(c) things that break you down, where you no longer feel strong.

Regardless of all the emotions you pour out in your first session of therapy, just make a mental note in your head that
(1) This doesn’t always happen.
(2) It’s good to let out your emotions sometimes! Release & rejuvenate.

In the long run, you have made your first step to changing your life forever.
Be proud of yourself.<3
I know, personally, how hard it is.

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3. Tick tock, tick tock. TIME.     


Time is what you need!!
Time to feel comfortable, relaxed, and stable with your therapist. 

Your first session will not be the cure all session, nor will the fifth, or the 7th. 

Just like it takes time to make a new friend that you trust and love; it will take the same amount of precious time to build that bond with your therapist. 

So yes it will take time to build that bond with your therapist, however; it will take even more time to truly heal your life.
Be patient. <3

4. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

This is not the time that first impressions are everything!!!
Do not judge your therapist based on their initial looks, behavior, or attitude.

I promise you that in order to know if your therapist is the right match for you, it will take up to 5 sessions. 
Personally, the therapist I have now, I contemplated the first couple of sessions if she was the right one for me. However, by trusting the process of life and prayer, I came to the conclusion that she was my “magic elixir.” 😉 Aka the perfect match for what I need to heal at this time in my life.

5. For goodness sake, breathe! 

Inhale deeply and exhale completely. Repeat. (P.S. It rhymes so you can’t forget!)
Before you arrive (maybe in your car)  take 5 big breaths.
If you are having anxiety, meditate for 3 minutes in your car or before you leave.
I still have to do this every time I go to ease my mind and body.

6. Appointments aren’t always a drag!

Sorry I had to do it! Put some light in this post! haha

Therapy appointments won’t always be like your first appointment was!
You won’t always be pouring out your heart.
In fact, some sessions you might even laugh. 
Your therapist becomes your best friend! You wouldn’t only go to your friend if you needed to vent. Right? Same goes with therapy!!

Sometimes it’s a time to vent and learn new skills on how to improve your mental health and other times it’s a session to talk about positive things going on in your life: improvements, successes, achievements, Etc.

Even if you feel your life is going just fine, still go to therapy. Don’t skip appointments, just because.

From my past, I have learned that even though your doctor might claim that physically your records show great success and improvement…mentally you might not be doing as hot.

Don’t let yourself fall apart completely to seek help. 

Final Thoughts…

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If you are currently going through therapy, you understand where I am coming from and I would love to hear your thoughts on any other tips you have for others who want to start seeing a therapist but haven’t because of x,y, & z reasons! Just comment below!

I really hope this helps you feel more prepared when you are ready to take charge of your health by going to a therapist. Wish I would have known these awesome tips many years ago.


Take Care. Be The Light.
Namaste. <3

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