Intuition vs Consciousness; How do you know what to listen to?

Have you ever had that “gut feeling” about something or someone, but then decided not to listen to it out of fear or just being down right indecisive?


That “gut feeling” isn’t just some strange indigestion going on in your GI tract, it’s actually your Intuition!!

So then you may ask… what on earth is the difference between your conscious talking versus your intuition speaking?



“Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. Any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of faith.” Caroline Myss

Listening To Your Intuition

In yoga or a spiritual practice, your spiritual “third-eye” is right above your physical bodies eyes, or lower portion of your forehead. Your “third-eye” is your Intuition! 

It is your spirits connection to our Higher Power. It gives us insight and guidance when we need it the most.

Women are typically more intuitive than men. (80% more actually.. hehe)

However, with practice through yoga and meditation we can awaken our “third-eye” and open our inner perception and intuitive sensibility. The more connected we become with out Higher Power the easier it becomes to understand our direction in life.

***When our Intuition or our “Third-Eye” becomes imbalanced:

  • We are unable to see the great picture that is being presented within our fingertips
  • We reject any sensations or ideas of the spirit or “unusual” sensations we’re feeling
  • We feel stuck in our life and are unable to look beyond our problems
  • We feel at ease or unable to create a vision for ourselves
  • We don’t feel connected or we have lost connection to the Universe and our Higher Power

However, Our Conscious;

[aka: Our crazy manipulative, fear based, roller coaster mind]
is a part of our physical body that we are given the power and understanding of what we are saying and thinking. 

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Final Thoughts…

The next time you question as to whether or not it’s your mind or gut telling you to QUIT because YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH.
You will now know the answer.
When we fear, we fall and fail. [SO MANY BAD F WORDS! 😉 ]
Intuition speaks in guidance and direction.
We become our best selves when we follow our INTUITION.

I would love to hear a story when you have faced a similar situation with having that “gut feeling” or “abnormal tingling sensation throughout your body” and what steps you took then versus what steps you will take now when this sensation comes about again!
Comment below ~ 🙂

Take Care. 

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