Mental Disorders Are JUST As Scary As Cancer

Did you laugh when you saw the title and said “Ha, no way!”?

**If you did, then this post is for you! I hope I can change your mind about mental disorders and their severity!!**

Side Note Before I Begin:
-I understand the severity of cancer. I also understand what it’s like to loose someone close to cancer.  I just want to enlighten you to open your mind, heart, and soul about mental disorders.

5 Reasons Why Mental Disorders & Cancer Are Similar

1. No Control

When an individual is told they have cancer, typically one doesn’t have any control over how severe or how fast the cancer will spread. Individuals with cancer make doctors accountable for their success or fail in recovery towards health. By doing so, makes individuals feel powerless with their diagnosis of cancer.

Mental Disorders:
  With many mental disorders it’s nearly impossible (without help) to change ones negative or compulsive thoughts into positive and fulfilling thoughts. This lack of power/control leads to numerous health problems and even death.
In example: when an individual has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) they subconsciously attribute their daily life with a horrible trauma that they experienced in their life. I have personally struggled with PTS. I would have panic attacks when I am least expecting it and NO I didn’t have any control over the situation. Some days I didn’t even like to go to the grocery store (or any normal daily activity) because even the thought of my heart palpitating, skin inflaming, and feeling like I’m going to pass out scared the living poop out of me.

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2. Starts off from our distorted brain, resulting in an Illness *most*
(if it’s genetic, then that’s a different story.)

According to Louise Hay, in “You Can Heal Your Life”cancer is stemmed from deep hurt, longstanding resentment, deep secret or grief eating away at the self, and carry hatreds. Each type of cancer (depending on where it’s located in the body) differentiates on how it started from the soul and how it was created in our physical bodies. Whether it was trauma from a young age, or daily life choices that one has made; these negative thoughts and feeling  becomes what we embody.

Louise Hay is a great example: when she was younger she was raped and abused. She carried and embodied that guilt, hate, and shame with her throughout her life. Until she was diagnosed with cancer in the vaginal area. This type of cancer was “incurable.” So she new she had to go within to cure it. She had to let go of her past and start loving herself. After about 6 months of doing so, she was cancer free and lived to be 91!

Mental Disorders:
According to Louise Hay, in “You Can Heal Your Life”,
a psychiatric illness is stemmed from fleeing from the family, escapism, withdrawal, violent separation from life, and fear. Depending on each mental disorder, there is a reasoning for each that is more in more depth into where their mental illness is truly stemmed from, however; this is the general idea. Mental disorders also create other life-threatening illnesses over time through the extra amount of stress that is placed on our bodies.

When we make decisions or thoughts outside of our soul, we start creating illnesses. We must trust in God or Source Energy that there is a plan for us and everything does happen for a reason! 

 “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind” Caroline Myss

3. Prevents one from working or going to school

When one is extremely ill from cancer, thinking efficiently and having energy decrease immensely. This prevents an individual from being able to actively commit to life activities especially work or school.

Mental Disorders:
Cancer may have seemed like a no brainier, that one cannot affiliate themselves with normal activities anymore, however; did you know that having a mental disorder can have the same effect? Depending on the severity, one will become foggy in the brain, have life altering anxiety, will experience sever fatigue, or have behavior outbreaks. Unfortunately, society doesn’t see these things as a huge burden in effecting their capability of going to school or work. Personally, I had to take a medical leave from school do to the severity of my mental disorder. This is much more common than you think!

4. Decreases the Immune System

Truth is, cancer cells reside within all of us and our immune system works to attack them! When patients are diagnosed with cancer, typically doctors treat them with chemotherapy. Chemo kills both our good and bad cells, ultimately decreasing our immune system. As our immune system decreases we are more prone to infections, leading to more complications! Yikes.

Mental Disorders:
The University of Eastern Finland released a study, showing that physiological stress in children, resulting from adverse childhood experiences and sleep disturbances, interferes with immune system regulation. Physiological stress on the body for long periods of time ultimately decreases the way our body is capable of fighting diseases. Everyday life battles and choices that drastically affect emotional and cognitive state also creates stress, thus weakening the immune system.

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5. Possibility of Death “Crossing Over”

Unfortunately, most of us know a loved one who has crossed over to heaven from cancer. This may be no surprise to you. Cancer is a nasty villain, one that doesn’t want to quit until he wins.

Mental Disorders:
Mental Disorders, however; may come to more of a surprise to you. Many people with mental disorders become over whelmed with how they perceive their quality of life and decide to end it or develop an illness where their life is ended for them.

I hope I have really opened your mind about the severity of mental disorders.
Having a mental disorder has made a huge impact on my life. I feel very blessed to have had not only a second chance, but a third chance to life. This time I promise to follow God’s lead and listen to my intuition. Yes, sometimes my brain tends to take over and I feel as though I have no control, but then I focus on my soul, meditate, and pray. I now trust the process of life and life in now fear.

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Do you struggle with a mental disorder? How has it impacted your life? Don’t be shy, this is a judgment free zone! I would love to hear your story, or help with any advice you need 🙂 







~Namaste ~

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