My Favorite Way To Ease Anxiety & How YOU Can Use It Daily

Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

If you’re anything like me, anxiety sometimes tends to take over your life. 
You feel alone….
You feel like the people around you have no idea what it’s like…
It’s frustrating, overwhelming, and most of the time you just feel hopeless.
I understand and you are NOT alone!

I have tried everything. Truly….
Although, I love meditation and yoga to ease  anxiety.
It’s not my absolute favorite. (gasp!!)

My Favorite Way To Ease Anxiety is:

(drum roll)

*Using My Anxiety To Spark Creativity!*

But please do not force this creativity to happen, because that may just create more anxiety within you.

1. Do Crafts

This is probably my favorite painting I have ever done. “A head full of fears has no space for dreams.” I was extra creative with the newspaper 😉 Bonus points!


When I am having an anxious day I love to relax my mind and body and just craft away.
I get a chance to breathe and use that anxious energy in a positive way through crafts.

Some of my favorite types of crafts that really get me going for hours: 

  • Painting on a canvas or rock.
  • Using wood and making useful things out of them.
    (i.e: I recently made wood cuts into ornaments for my Christmas tree!)
  • Making birthday cards for the ones I love.

Bonus, you can give them as homemade gifts to loved ones! (#winning)
You seriously don’t have to be good at crafting, it’s just a lovely time to let all that excess anxious energy go!

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2. Doodle 

Have you ever been in class or at work and started to wander off?
Instead of writing what you were supposed to, you wound up drawing a bunch of random patterns all over your paper?

Kind of like this! Doodles galore!

Orrrr… is that just me? :p

But on a serious note, doodling can actually lead you to new insights and calm down that anxious mind!

I can use doodling to my own advantage, by drawing out everything that’s going on in my cluttered anxious mind. Sometimes, it even makes me laugh because I just don’t even understand how I could possible have that much going on in my brain (kind of like the picture above).

3. Role Play

You can be whatever character you choose to be.
Be creative about this one 😉

When you are feeling anxious about a certain situation, close your eyes and breathe. 
Imagine yourself in your current situation as a beautiful angel. One who is able to swiftly fly through every situation in life with ease. You have this overwhelming white shield that no one can knock down! In social settings, you are calm and everyone loves your loving energy. At home, you are mindful.

You can really play with this one!
I think the best part about being creative, is there is no set and stone way of doing anything. 
Worry free is the best place to be.

4. Coloring Books

If you aren’t the best at coming up with your own drawings or crafts, coloring is a great alternative.

I still haven’t figured out exactly why coloring is so dang therapeutic, but I love it!
I can literally sit down for hours and color.

Coloring allows you to relax your anxious mind, breath, and focus. 

I have a free zen coloring book that comes with my mental health personal coaching! Click Here to check it out! It’s a win-win for you because I will help you with your anxiety and you get a free coloring book out of it! 😀

Or, if you’d like to order one, Amazon has a great Zen Coloring book! Click Here to purchase! 🙂

5. Journal

Sometimes you just need to vent it all out!
When it feels like no one will listen, speak to the journal. 
I promise it will listen. 😉

When you journal, you not only allow yourself to vent out a million and one things,but you also allow yourself to use your creativity.

You can use your journal to:

  • Write out “fake letters” to people, that you wish you could send to, but know dern right that it would NOT go over well if you did. If you get what I’m saying 😉
  • Write a poem.
  • Write a list of things you want to accomplish for the day, week, or year.
  • Write a full page of positive affirmations about yourself.

Honestly, the list is endless.
But that’s where your creativity comes along and YOU cant create whatever the heck you want in your journal.

Plus, you can always have a journal on you where ever you go! That way if you have anxiety away from home, just pull out your journal and write!! 😀

*If you are in need of a journal, I am your girl!! I have a FREE mental health journal, where you can keep track of how far you’ve come, set goals, and most importantly ease your anxiety!
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Final Thoughts…

Anxiety is hard, but not doing something about it is even harder.
I truly hope these tips help you on your anxious days!

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What is your FAVORITE way to ease anxiety? 
I would love to hear from your in the comment box below!

Take Care. Be The Light.

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