My Self-Care Tool Kit

My Self-Care Tool Kit

Hi, Rachel here! If there is one thing that I have learned over the past year, it’s that we must take care of ourselves first in order to maintain optimal health.

So, if you are wanting to work on something this year to improve your overall health, I would highly encourage you to work on self-care.

Now mind you, I NEVER used to take any time for myself. I used to go go go and never stop. I always claimed I never had any time for myself, but in reality I just never made the time.

Below is my self-care tool kit that I use on a daily basis! This has made a huge difference in my own life and I hope it does the same for you too even if you only choose to one of them) !


1. Wake Up With GratitudeEvery morning, before I open my eyes, I take the time to count my blessings.
Sometimes I name 5 blessings, sometimes I don’t stop counting my blessings until I am truly ready to conquer the day I have ahead of me.

This allows me to start my day off grateful for what I have, not what I don’t have.

Gratitude is so important for your mind, body, and soul health. 
When you skew away from gratitude, you wind up living day to day unaware of what this life is blessing you with and essentially letting your ego take over. (no bueno 😉 )

Try starting your morning off counting your blessings. 
This morning, I woke up grateful for: being blessed with another day on earth, my family, my loved ones, the ability to walk, and my doggies. 
Everyday it’s usually different, but some always stay the same! 

2. Daily Positive Affirmations 

After I count my blessings, I get out of bed, go to the mirror, and say my daily positive affirmations. 

Louise Hay- Power of Thought Cards

Louise Hay introduced me to positive affirmations. What you think is essentially what you become.

Pictured above is Louise Hay’s power of thought cards! A deck of 64 positive affirmations! I have these in my room and use them every morning! They ALWAYS seem to be on point with what I am going through in my life/ things I need to work on! Sometimes I stick to one affirmation for a month, or just stick to one for a day (just depends)!

To order one for yourself, click here! <3

Some of the positive affirmations I currently say are: 

  • I love and approve of myself
  • I am beautiful
  • I am healthy
  • I trust the process of life

3. Turn On All My Salt Lamps
Salt lamps not only help control my allergies, but on a spiritual level; they also help me set out the intention for a positive day! Cannot say enough good things about them!To order your salt lamp today; click here! 🙂 

4. Put On My Rose Quartz Necklace
Did you know that crystals aren’t just shinny and pretty?!
They actually have an array of healing benefits! 

I personally use rose quartz as a necklace daily because it emits vibrations on my heart that help me work on daily self-love! I notice the biggest difference on days that I find it harder to love and accept myself for who I am! Rose quartz is actually one of the more powerful crystals because it works on healing the heart chakra as well! 🙂

Lucky for you, I sell the rose quartz crystal on my Etsy shop!! Click here to purchase! <3

5. Check In With My Energy Levels

I learned this from my reiki therapist, Lisa! 
I do this in the morning and a couple times throughout my day.

I close my eyes and ask myself how my energy levels are today. 
I can usually tell if one of my chakras are off.
Regardless, I wake up and recharge (like we all should)! 🙂

I do so by: 

  • Closing my eyes in a quiet place (if possible).
  • Begin to open my crown chakra (crown of your head, spiritual connection to your Higher Power).
  • Start to imagine a white golden light (from the Universe, Higher Power, God,  or Source Energy).
  • Breathe in, slowly.
  • As I breathe in, I visualize my Higher Power pouring in the white golden light starting from the crown of my head.
  • Allowing the white golden light to fill me up, like water does a balloon.
  • Then, I slowly breathe in, and imagine the white golden energetic light fill my head, then my neck, shoulders and arms, heart chakra, solar plexus area (stomach), scaral charka, and finally all the way down to my root chakra.
  • Once I feel energetically filled with the white golden light, I exhale slowly.
  • As I exhale slowly, I imagine the white light come out the bottom of my feet and surround me like a big shield (aka AURA)!

Try it! I absolutely love this trick and really helps me not only energetically, but also makes me feel more relaxed and centered! 🙂

Click the picture to join the private lovingthyself facebook group! <3


6. Yoga/ Some Type of Exercise

Child’s Pose

I love yoga! I use yoga for anxiety, mental breaks, healing all of my chakras, stretching, and strengthening my body! 

Usually by the afternoon (sometimes the evening depending on my schedule), I take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day to do some form of exercise. 

Most of the time I either choose to do yoga or go on a walk with my doggies! 🙂
It’s so important to take an allotted time out of your day, dedicated to your mental, physical, and even spiritual health!

Although I highly encourage you to do yoga (or walking), any form of exercise will suffice!

7. Take Mental Breaks About every 2+hours, I take a “mental break” away from everything I am doing.
This allows my mind, body, and soul to take a breather and rejuvenate. 

Somethings I choose to do during my breaks:

  • Nap
  • Take a couple of big, long breaths
  • Journal
  • Watch tv or something online to make me laugh 
  • Get a healthy snack


8.Take a Bubble Bath
I have eczema so this helps my skin and it allows me to take time for myself! #winning

Somethings that are essential for my baths are:

  • Epsom Salt  (relaxes my body)
  • Baking Soda (moisturizes my skin)
  • Amethyst crystal candle (eliminates any negative energy) Click here to purchase on my Etsy!
  • Oat flour (moisturizes my skin)
  • Essential oils in a diffuser. My go to are: frankincense and lavender. (Both are relaxing)!
  • A juicy book

9. Read I love learning! So, when I get a new book you best believe I will read the whole thing in the next couple of days! Reading allows me to focus on one thing and is something I personally enjoy doing to take time for myself!

I wrote a blog sharing my top 3 favorite self help books – click here to read!

10. Craft I enjoy all crafts, however, my personal favorite is painting! Although, I did just learn how to sew and must say that comes a close second. 😉
When I am having an anxious day, I love to relax my mind and body and just craft away.
I get a chance to breathe and use that anxious energy in a positive way through crafts.
Click here to see different ways I ignite my anxiety to creativity!

I also love crafts because it allows me to dedicate time doing something I love and then I end up usually giving them to others as a present. <3

Night (Bed Time)

11. Singing Bowl with a Crystal Layout
This might just be my favorite way to enjoy time for myself, alongside yoga. The feeling is quite hard to explain in words! I have my boyfriend hit the singing bowl for 10 minutes or more, while I have my crystals laid out on top of me (similar to what’s pictured above). The best way I can describe it is it feels like sound waves going through your body removing toxins and energizing your body at the same time!

You’ll just have to experience it for yourself to know what I am really talking about. 😉

Did you know that the sound from a singing bowl is incredibly healing?
If you didn’t, you should totally find out for yourself. Click here to purchase a beginners singing bowl! (pictured below)

Also, if you are new to crystals and want to learn more about them… it’s your lucky day!! I created a free crystals for beginners webinar! 😀 Just click here to sign up to watch!! <3

12. Meditation 

I meditate right before bed because it allows me to clear my mind and have a much deeper/peaceful sleep! 

Try meditating for minimum of 3 minutes!

What I use to enhance my meditation:

  • Crystals (Click Here to purchase on my Etsy!)
  • Dark/ Peaceful room 
  • Meditation music
  • An intention for why I am meditating, to receive answers
  • Mudras

I hope you found my self-care tool kit useful!
What is one thing you think you could use daily? 

P.S. I have an awesome self-help Facebook group, click here to join!

 Read my Disclosure for more: I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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Rach here! Yogi, Beach, & Animal Lover. I aspire to help others (like you) heal naturally through two major aspects: loving themselves and faith. From the inside-out. Mind, body, soul, and spiritual health! 🙂
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