Start Saying I FEEL Instead

Have you ever told anyone “I am tired.
& Their response was: “Hello tired, my name is Rachel.

You may have laughed initially, but there is actually some truth to that!
When we say things to others and ourselves using “I am” in a negative manner, our brain literally starts believing it.

  • I am angry.
  • I am mad.
  • I am sad.
  • I am defeated.
  • I am poor.
  • I am scared.
  • I am alone.
  • I am not good enough.

~Phew, all these negative “I am’s” are even making me exhausted! ~
The neurotransmitters in our brain are communicating with our body telling it that we ARE those mean and negative thoughts.
When we change those “I am” thoughts to “I feel,” then we are ultimately transforming the way our body and mind perceives us.

In example: Judy was having a hard and long day at work. Nothing seemed to be going her way. Her calls weren’t going through, her clients were being snarky to her, and her boss was sweating the small stuff and bloating it to her. So she just gets so fed up and kept telling her self “I am so annoyed with today; I am clearly not good enough for anyone around here.” As the day went on, she started to really feel that way, and those feelings carried with her for several days.

*Instead: If Judy would have taken in her hard day and said “I feel annoyed about today and the way it’s going, I feel my boss, clients, and co-workers don’t appreciate me like they should.” 

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This change in thought tells your mind and body that HAY today I felt a little off, but that doesn’t MAKE me a bad person. I am going to make the rest of my day better because those feelings don’t encompass ME! 

NOR AM I CRAZY. [well maybe a little ;)]

Think before you speak.

My Challenge For You:

Think before you speak for 30 days. Why 30? It takes 30 days to change a habit and start making a change for yourself! It will be difficult at first, but you might catch yourself more often than you think!
This is change, change that is a must if you want to heal internally! It’s steps to take to love yourself, for you! By golly, you deserve it!!!

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After those 30 days, comment below or message me how you feel! 🙂

Take Care. Be the light.

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