The Art of Loving Yourself

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” -Rupi Kaur

This may be the hardiest question [mentally & physically] you have to answer today:
Do YOU internally & externally love who YOU are?

For some, this question is simple; yes or no.
For some, you might really question what it really means to love yourself.

I am writing this specific blog this week because I personally have been struggling with loving myself.
We are all beautifully unique, and sometimes I believe it’s hard to see that when we compare and contrast ourselves to our peers.
That constant feeling of: not felling or being good enough.

I’m Here Today, In Guidance For You & Even Myself,
Through Days [like possibly today] Where You Feel Like You’re Just Not Good Enough. 

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How To Start Loving Yourself Today, For A Better Day:

1. Start Your Day With Affirmations

Every morning, begin your day with at least 5 affirmations!
– I am Strong. 
– I am Good Enough. 
– I love My Body.
– I am Beautiful/Handsome. 
– I am Loved by so many.

  • I have a really beautiful blog where I describe the power of affirmations for your health. Click Here to dive right in!
  • You may feel initially like you’re telling yourself a bunch of lies, however, in reality you have constructed your own lies about yourself throughout the years.
  • Just like it took time for your mind to believe you weren’t good enough. It’ll take time for your mind to believe you are good enough.
  • Just be patient.:)

2. Put On An Outfit That Makes You The Most Confident

  • This one is hard for me since I am a college student and spend most of my hours at home. So I rarely even want to change out of my pj’s.
  • You don’t necessary have to do this everyday, but this is really important on days where you don’t feel the best about yourself.
  • Taking minor steps like this in your day can go a long ways!

3. Do Some Yoga [ Or Any Type Of Exercise ]

Taken by: Joel Hancock
  • Exercise is a great way to release any anxiety you have been feeling about yourself.
  • I will always emphasize yoga because I believe it’s the all-in-one exercise. Great for the mind, body, and soul.
  • I explain how yoga is changing people’s lives. Click Here to find out why 🙂
  • Taking a nice long walk will also help clear your mind from negativity and boost your endorphin’s. Yay! Try putting music on or going with a friend so your mind is stress free!

Always wanting to do yoga but never knew how to get started? I say start with a mat! Click Here to purchase and begin your journal to loving you for you! I highly recommend starting with purchasing a mat because I know (at least for me) once I purchase something I’m more likely to actually commit!

4. Give Yourself The Biggest Hug

  • Sounds silly, huh?
  • Hugs release oxytocin (love hormone), which boosts your mood, drops your heart rate, and drops your cortisol (stress hormone).
  • Yes, yes this hug even includes a hug to yourself!
  • Smile while you do it! Promise, it won’t hurt ya. 😉

5. Write In A Journal

  • If you’re anything like me, days when I don’t feel good enough I’m an emotional roller coaster. Like woah, who’s that girl kind of emotions?
  • These emotions are A OK, don’t fear them… write them out!
  • If you don’t have a journal, I highly suggest you purchase one!
  • Take time out of your day to write down all the extra emotions, thoughts, and feelings out. Express everything. Don’t hold anything back. Only you can see this journal, so VENT!!! 
  • By expressing everything you’re feeling, will give you a big ole’ release. “Ahhhh”
  • For so long I held in everything, I hated being vulnerable. I believe it made me look weak. Now, I see emotions and expressions as a way of life. A human characteristic that allows us to be vulnerable and alive! 🙂

In need of any awesome journal that will get you excited just to journal? (I’m the sameeee way!)
Click Here to fulfill those dreams of getting an awesome journal 😉

6. Take Time For Yourself, “Me Time”

  • Take a Bath. Buy Some  Awesome Bath Bombs with Essential Oils (Click Here)!!
  • Watch a Movie.
  • Devour some Dark Chocolate.
  • Meditate. Ommm.
  • Whatever makes you feel the happiest, do that! 🙂

Final Thoughts….

*In need of a free self-help support group? Click Here to join my loving Facebook support group! What is said on LovingThySelf, stays on LovingThySelf. ;)*

We are human, therefore not every day is going to be filled with flowers and rainbows.
We have days where loving ourselves feels harder than others. As if we hit a wall.
We are going to feel discouraged or not good enough.
I thought for so long, that in order to be happy, all of our days must be perfect when loving ourselves.
However, as long as we do love ourselves for the majority of our days, we will blossom into lovely butterflies.
Just remember, with anything, it takes time.
So be patience. Take one day at a time.
You are lovely. You are beautiful/handsome. You are good enough. 

Please feel free to comment below with one initiative you plan to take today to start loving yourself a little extra 🙂 

Take care. Be the light. Love you for You. <3
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