Top 5 Takeaways from Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” By: Sara-Rae Hoaglund

Many of us have already discovered the wonderfully life-changing works of Louise Hay,
but for those of us who haven’t, today’s post is written for you.
You may have heard the name “Louise Hay” tossed around in your social circle, or read
some of her famous quotes on Pinterest and/or Instagram. And if her name continues to make
an appearance your life (such as you coming across this blog post!), then it’s high time that
someone tell you why. Because she is incredible!



Louise Hay

Hay unfortunately passed away at 91 this year, yet she spreads a glowing love energy all around the world, and has been for decades. She is considered a pioneer in the personal growth industry. In 1976 her very first book “You Can Heal Your Body” was published. The book that I will discuss today was published in 1984, and is titled “You Can Heal Your Life.”
Hay’s loving and healing spirit radiates through her writing. She embodies all of the very best qualities that teachers should have. A perfect balance between being stern and lighting a fire within her students, and being genuinely helpful.
Events in her own life have provided proof that her teachings and beliefs work wonders. From growing up impoverished and abused, to getting diagnosed with cancer, to discovering a fulfilling career, Hay has always lead by example.


Every line of this book is profound. I could have highlighted the entire thing! Each
chapter of YCHYL has impacted my life in a unique way, just as it can for you. Millions of people
all over the world have been touched by her light and have nothing but miracles to speak of.

“What we think about ourselves becomes truth for us. I believe that everyone, myself included, is responsible for everything in our lives, the best and the worst. Every thought we think is creating our future. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our
feelings. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.” – Louise Hay, YCHYL

I love how Louise sprinkles anecdotes of her life in throughout the book. And at the end she reveals her detailed life story—the story of how she got to where she is now. Truly incredible! I won’t spoil anything for you because I want you to be just as inspired as I was when you read it.

All chapters are accompanied with a corresponding affirmation. I have a full page of these affirmations in my bullet journal that I’ve been reciting daily since I finished the book. And each chapter ends with a little prayer that summarizes that entire section elegantly. I love
reading over these when I’m feeling stuck throughout my day or week.

All of her works are worth reading, seriously!

I couldn’t devour the lessons in this book
fast enough. But I’ve narrowed down my top five takeaways from YCHYL—the five core
concepts of the book that I keep on coming back to.


1. Loving the self is the most important thing

“Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”- Louise Hay, YCHYL

This is not news to any of us, but Louise Hay was preaching the importance of self-love long
before it became trendy. She set the stage for all of us to come forward and express the love
that is inside us!

2. Replacing “should” with “could”

Every time we use should, we are, in effect, saying ‘wrong.’ Either we are wrong ore were
wrong or we are going to be wrong.” – Louise Hay, YCHYL

The word should is very self-destructive. When you keep telling yourself that you should do or
be something, you are inflicting unnecessary self-harm. Instead, say that you could do or be
something. That way, you create potential for yourself rather than destroying your own potential.

3. Blaming takes away our power

“Blame is one of the surest ways to stay in a problem.” – Louise Hay, YCHYL

Louise teaches that by blaming another for our issues, we are not taking responsibility for
ourselves and our actions. We are the only ones that create our reality, so saying “it’s not my
fault” leaves us at the mercy of everyone else in the world. Most of us want control, and yet we
act as though our lives are out of our control

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4. The Point of Power

“The Point of Power is always in the present moment. You are the power in your world!” – Louise

No one could say it better! In each and every moment, we are empowered to make decisions
that ultimately will manifest our future. Hay challenges us to think about time in this new
perspective; are our thoughts in this moment aligned with what we wish to manifest?

5. Willingness to change

“The Universal Intelligence is always responding to your thoughts and words.” – Louise Hay,

If our thoughts, words, and actions don’t change, how can we ever expect anything in our lives
to change? This concept is very basic, and yet a lot of us really struggle with making changes.
We resist change, but releasing that resistance is what this inner work is all about.


Like every book, we all receive these messages differently. However, I believe that
YCHYL is one of those books that is written in such a way that it resonates with every reader in
positively. Some people may put it down half way through out of anger, but those emotions are
exactly what Hay is helping us to release.

My wish for you, my dear friend, is to explore some reviews of this book. Explore Hay’s
website right here if you’d like, but I urge you to consider picking up a copy of “You Can Heal
Your Life” as soon as possible.

A paperback copy will be less than ten dollars on Amazon, and I’m sure your favorite
local bookstore has it in stock as well. You could go check it out at a library, but I guarantee you
will want a copy of your own! Louise L. Hay: You Can Heal Your Life (Paperback – Gift Ed.); 1999 Edition click to purchase!

“The holistic philosophy is to nurture and nourish the entire being—the Body, the Mind, and the
Spirit.” – Louise Hay, YCHYL

Interested in purchasing any of her other amazing books? I have them provided below. Click below to purchase on great deals from amazon 🙂

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Author: Sara- Rae Hoaglund
Instagram: spirit_inspo

~Sara and I truly love Louise Hay and hope you will too! (if you don’t already!)
Comment below telling us your thoughts on Louise, or even a story where she’s helped you heal your life! 🙂 ~

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