What Drives Your Purpose In Life? Living On Purpose Is The Path To Peace

Everyone Is Driven By Something!

To be driven simply means to be guided, in control, or be directed.
You may be driven by pressure, a deadline at work or school, money, emotions, or even an unconscious belief!
I can personally say I have been driven by all of the above and more.
What is your driving force in your life? 

Most Common Driving Forces:

1. Fear


Fear driven people tend to miss out on the perfect opportunity given to them in life because they fear to take risks, to venture out into the unknown, and to maintain the “status quo.”
Those who fear typically are the type of people who play it safe.



*For instance:* A guy named Fred who has a desk job that works 5 days a week, 9-5. Fred works for a marketing company, who has the potential to be the CEO. However, instead he chooses to stay where he is because he feels safe and secure. When Fred goes home for the day, he complains to his wife about how unsatisfied he is with his job and how he wishes to become a CEO one day because he knows he is good enough. Even though he knows his life’s purpose and value, Fred fears rejection, fears taking a risk, fears not being good enough for the company in a higher position. So he stays in the same bland boring marketing position for the rest of his life.

That said, fear is self-imposed prison. Fear will keep you from becoming what your Higher Power had intended you to become.
You must move from fear with the 2 most powerful things we have going for us: love and faith.

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2. Need For Approval By Others

The expectations from our peers, parents, family, teachers, loved ones, or friends dictate how to value and control our life.
The increase in social media has increased the need to boast about your accomplishments or any circumstances that you face in your life. This has also increased peoples need for the approval from others more than ever!!

However, those who follow the crowd, typically get lost in it.
When we are driven by peer pressure we aren’t guided in the right direction to our life’s purpose. Why? because you are always driven by the approval of others.
You always worry what others might think instead of following who you were meant to be.
I’m not going to sit here and lecture you on all the key ways to be successful, because quite frankly that’s different for everyone. I will, however, tell you that one key way to continuously fail is trying to please everyone around you.
Its not worth your time or energy.

3. Materialistic Items

Oh mi, oh my. I cannot say enough about how people are driven by materialistic items. Especially with the increase in technology; everyone seems to be driven to have the newest and best thing out.
It’s okay to want a new pair of shoes because your others have broken. Not talking to ya’ll.

However… When your desire to acquire becomes your whole life goal, you are providing temporary happiness for yourself.
If you think money is the only way to make you happy. Think again.
Possessions do not change. Eventually, we get bored and are in “need” of the newest and best thing out on the market. This becomes a viscous and repetitive cycle.

Also, just because one has more money doesn’t make them anymore important than you are. Promise.

Being wealthy can be lost in the blink of an eye.

This one took me awhile to realize. Not that I ever went about my time spending loads of money on the newest Michael Kors bag, but I did think that one day in life in order to consider myself successful, I had to wealthy with a job that everyone praised me for and was always living in luxury.

Real wealth and security can only be constant with your relationship with the Divine. 

4. Guilt

Many people (including myself for many years) spend their whole life running from regrets and hiding in shame.
If you feel driven by your past, you are guilt-driven.
Instead of living in the present moment and trusting in the process of life; guilt-driven people tend to let their past control their future.
You basically are punishing yourself (unconsciously) .

Guilt-driven people are sabotaging their success for what has been. 

I promise you, if you take the time to “let go and let God.”You will see wonders happen for your future.

5. Anger & Resentment

I can raise my hands for this one. For so long, I held in my anger because I didn’t want conflict. I knew that me being angry wouldn’t help the situation. So I just tried to laugh it off instead.
Boy was I wrong. Your body needs to let our anger (not on people) but in other ways.


People who are driven by anger hold on to their hurts and never get over them. This eventually becomes resentment. Instead of releasing their pain and suffering through forgiveness, they just never let whatever is hurting them..go…

Resentment always hurts more than the person you resent. Thus, those who have hurt you in the past can only continue to hurt you through the pain that you carry with you. You are only hurting yourself. Your past is your past.

It’s time you let it go.Stop trying to be so strong. It’s okay to yell into a pillow once in awhile, or slam ice cubes onto your concrete in front of your yard. Release that horrible anger and resentment. Stop letting that be your driving force in life. It is pulling away from who you were always meant to be ad the life life has to offer you.

Final Thoughts..

These driving forces all lead to one thing: a dead end.
They accumulate a unused purpose, excess stress in ones body, and ultimately an unfulfilling life.
These driving forces are also the primary causes of most illnesses.
Not only are they terrible for your health, but they also don’t serve you with purpose.

However, lucky for you… I know just thing to stop this non sense and start living with a purpose driven life!! Say what!!
I questioned for years what my purpose in life was. What was going to make my life on this earth worth living for. A life that I could look back on when I was 100 with no regrets and over a million stories to tell my kids, great grand kids, and whomever else wanted to hear my story.

If you have been feeling hopeless…hold on!!

My answer for you: Live a life through and for your Higher Power. For you will always be guided and live with a purposeful life. 

 Thought of the day:

“We live on earth with integrity now,so we can live in prosperity in eternity with Him. “

What is your driving force in your life? What areas did you notice you need to work on to find your true purpose in life?
Comment below, I would love to know 🙂

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