When In Doubt, Don’t Stress Out. How To Stay Calm, In A Stressful Situation. Stress Relief

How Do You Deal With Stress?

Do you panic?
Do you throw things, cry, and yell?
Do you just get so overwhelmed that you give up?
Maybe, you even try to put things on a back burner and pretend nothing stressful is going on?
Regardless, stress is no fun.
Correct me if I am wrong, but everyone has experienced stress at some point in their life,

in a negative way.
Sometimes, we even stress over being too stressed (the irony).
So are you ready to find out about the best stress relief of all time?!
I sure hope so! You’ll find out shortly. Just keep reading 😉

What Stress Does To Your Body: 

  • Releases cortisol
  • Raises heart rate
  • Regulates adrenaline levels
  • Clouds your thinking and behavior

What Long-Term Stress Does To Your Body:

  • Insomnia
  • Many health problems like: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Constant anxiety
  • High cortisol
  • Fatigue

As you can see, stress is not your friend.
But wait, is it? :0

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Stress Is Merely Your Friend:

(I hope by now your jaw is dropped and you think I am crazy… because that makes me laugh and it means I am doing my job)

Before I go into details.
Think about this…

When you are stressed, your heart starts beating, your palms start sweating, and your mind becomes a blur.

When we experience signs like these, we tend to view these as signs that we are having anxiety or aren’t coping well with the pressure. (Am I right, though?)

We start attributing stress with unwanted, worry, and health problems.
We start becoming stressed over being stressed.

I can definitely say I’m with you on all of this!
However, it shouldn’t be this way.
We shouldn’t think of stress in a negative way.
It only causes more harm that needed.

Instead, we should view stress as our friend! (gasp!!! My friends aren’t mean and nasty like stress)

How To Make Stress Your “Friend” not “Enemy”

1. Stop Viewing Stress As An Enemy

Over generations, we have come to believe stress as this scary enemy.
One that only does harm and no good.

Put those thoughts on a piece of paper and burn it. 
Never think that again..

2. Start Seeing Stress As A Friend 

Next time your heart starts racing, your mind becomes cloudy, and you feel a complete adrenaline rush…

Accept it as you do a friend.
A friend that is there for you when you need them the most.
See stress as helpful.

Start understanding all of these “stress signs” as your bodies ability to meet this challenge.

A pounding heart is preparing you for action.
An increase in breathing is no problem. It’s happening to increase oxygen to your brain.

Friends are there to calm you down. Help you relax when times are tough.
Just like stress.

3. Conquer The Mind

Initially this may just sound like a bunch of bogus, and honestly I’m okay with that.
Hear me out though.

After a couple of years, months, or maybe even weeks of changing this mindset of stress simply being your friend. You will notice a huge difference.

Then YOU can tell me how it’s changed your life. 😉

This statement I am making about stress has already been proven in multiple psychology studies. 
It’s shown that there is a significant difference in how long individuals live and how healthy they are when they believe that stress is helpful.

So get to conquering the mind.
Your body believes what you tell your mind. 

4. Use A Friend of A Friend

So now that you believe that stress is a friend.
When you feel your heart pounding and breathing increase, acknowledge stress as helpful.

Use that help (aka stress) to reach out to other friends or loved ones. 
Let them know what’s going on and vent to them your worries or struggles.

Simple enough? 🙂

Final Thoughts…

Start allowing stress to become YOUR FRIEND,
a lending hand when you need it the most.

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Take Care
Be The Light!! 

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