Why Meditation Is So Hard & How You Can Improve Your Meditation For All Levels – Beginner, Medium, Or Expert

Do You Struggle With Meditation?

Even when one becomes an “expert” at meditation,
they STILL have their days that are harder to meditate.
Simply put: our ego and cluttered mind takes over.
There are days when I can meditate for an hour,

and days where I am doing good to concentrate for 6 seconds.
Can I get an AMEN?
However, I know a couple tips and tricks up my sleeve that I will share with you in this blog,

to help you turn your meditation from blah to ah-ha! 😉

Why Meditation Seems To Be So Darn Difficult?

1. HELLO UP THERE, Brain, Yeah YOU!

Just to make you giggle <3

Don’t you wish you could just have an “on-off” switch for your brain? 
That would be sweet, then we could really turn off our brain to any stress, anxiety, worry, or negative people!

IF only :p

If you’re anything like I used to be when it came to meditation, I would meditate and contemplate what I was going to have for dinner and then my mind would start wandering off to when I was 8 and made a fool of myself at school and it went on and on and on. My brain felt like it could NEVER stop. (Honestly, I think my brain does that 24/7….)

With that said, meditation can be pretty frustrating sometimes (the irony)!

We may start thinking to ourselves, how in the world does meditation help me, if I cannot stop thinking about 20 million other things going on in my life?

Be patient, I’ll give you the details below 😉

2. Dangit Ego, You’re At It Again!

Our ego tends to take over when we try to meditate.

It might be telling you things like: 

  • I don’t have time for this.
  • What’s the use?
  • This never works for me, so why would it work for me today?
  • I don’t have to go within, I know my purpose and identity in life.
  • All my friends and family do it with ease, why can’t I?
  • Do I look silly?
  • Am I even doing this correctly?

The key realization of meditation is there is no-self. (no fixed ego doing everything)

This is difficult for the mind to accept because it challenges our free will and independence in life, that we are fortunate enough to be given.

3.Too Much Energy, Can’t Sit Still!

Meditation can be extremely difficult if you have extra energy that needs to be released.

Sometimes this can be a sign of too much stress on your body, so you really should try meditation.
Or better yet try alternate nostril breathing and then begin your meditation!

However, if it’s mid-day and you have a desk job, your body really might be screaming to get up and go on a walk! Which you can also use walking as a form of meditation, believe it or not!

4. Meditation Doesn’t Have To Be As Long As A Movie!

Seriously though!
I feel as though people understand meditation as this long dreadful process, with a possible great reward at the end filled with answers of a 3 hour meditation.

We are not monks, we don’t live to meditate! (They meditate usually about 7 hours a day… crazy right?!)

You only have to meditate for 3 minutes every day in order to get the full effect!!

Everyone has 3 minutes in their day. I repeat, EVERYONE!
If you are new to meditation, set a timer so you know that you have done your daily meditation for the day. However, the more the merrier!!

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How YOU Can Improve Your Meditation:

1. Create A Distraction Free Environment

Credit: The Spiritual Indian

Your brain is already a big enough distraction as it is!

  • Use Windows and Natural Light, if morning time.
  • Use Dark Lights and Windows Shut, if night time.
  • Have kids? Pets? Try using a guided meditation to block out the extra noise!
  • If you’re a woman (or man with long hair), put your hair up into a pony tail.
  • Try using ear plugs if you would rather your space to be in complete silence. (ear plugs also allow you to hear your breath more loud and clear!)
  • Remove any clutter that’s around you! Clear the space around you, just like you will clear your brain!

2. Get Comfortable

Nothing more distracting and aggravating than when you are uncomfortable and have to move to 300 different positions during your meditation and eventually not even focusing on your breath because you’re just so uncomfortable!


  • Sitting on a Mandala or Yoga mat!
  • Sit up against a wall with a couple extra pillows for comfort.
  • Lay down on your bed and meditate before bed or when you wake up!
  • Find the best position that suits your comfort needs.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

3.Too Much Energy?

  • Go for a meditation walk!
    (just don’t close your eyes :p) You can simply do this by being mindful during your walk. Be present in the moment.
  • Do any form of yoga (but preferably the more gentle type of yoga like: Kundalini or Yin)
    Yoga allows you to focus on your breath and be mindful in the present moment! Just another form of meditation, really!
  • Try Alternate Nostril Breathing, then begin your meditation.
    (This will allow you to calm down your nervous system before you begin, works like a charm!)
  • Try meditating before bed or after you wake up!

4. Alright Brain & Ego, You Can Shut Off Now!

Oh right, this might happen the day pigs can fly 😉

But really, when we think of meditation, usually we attribute it to turning our brains off and living in the present.

Unfortunately, we cannot simply turn our brains off, but we can:

  • Redirect your mind back to your breath.
  • Try concentrating on breathing in the word SAT (true) and exhaling the word NAM (Identity).
  • Try counting slowly to 6 when you inhale and imagine a cool blue air, count and hold for 3 seconds, then exhale slowly for 8 counts and imagine a hot fiery air leaving your body.

5. Enhance Your Meditation, For Better Results!

How you can enhance your meditation, once you’ve allowed yourself to focus on your breath:

  • Using crystals will allow you to enhancing your chakra healing and energy healing as well!
    (If interested, I sell a chakra set of crystals and also each crystal that matches with each chakra separately! Click Here to shop & purchase on my Etsy shop <3)
  • Use Mudras (hand gestures)! Your hand gesture sends your energy to your Higher Power and the Universe, intending to receive an answer 🙂
  • Use Affirmations during your meditation practice. (Some possible affirmations to say during your practice might be: I am beautiful/handsome, I am financially stable, All is well, I am happy, I am strong)
  • Have Zen Statues to ease the mind before you begin!
    (If interested, I sell Zen Statues that have a vintage and antique look! Absolutely stunning 🙂 Click Here to shop & purchase on my Etsy shop <3)

Final Thoughts…

I hope these tips and tricks about meditation really help you!
Meditation is so incredibly beneficial for the mind, body, soul, and spiritual health!
Try doing it once a day for true healing benefits!

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If you have any special tips or tricks that works for you, please share! The more the merrier! 🙂

Take Care. Be The Light.

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