Why Our Fur Babies Are Healers

Who are healers in your life?

Most would answer: doctors, therapists, or nurses.
However; have you ever thought your furry baby (aka your pets) to be your healer?!

Think I’m kidding?
Totally not. This may be in fact why I typically would rather hang out with animals then people.

This is my boyfriend Joel and our cuddle buddy Ruger! We love our fur baby

6 Reasons Why Our Pets Are Natural Healers

1. Boost Your Immune System

-When babies are exposed to a dog in there first years of life, their immune system increases by allowing their immune system to detect a dogs hair as substance that is natural and not foreign.

  -Outside pets tend to roll around in the soil in the ground. The dirt is actually extremely beneficial to our health (weirdly shocking, I know)!! When we pet our fur babies, dirt brings various microbes into your home, which we would get by breathing in or having it seep through our skin. These good microbes are located in our gut and are linked to a healthy immune system! Research.

2. Unconditional Love 

-Our fury babies give unconditional love that helps fight depression. They keep us from feeling so lonely! I know when I was bed ridden, my cat would sense that I felt hopeless and alone. She would comfort me by purring, rubbing her cute little head on my legs, and cuddling with me. She made me feel less alone, gave me a little boost of energy, and an extra reason

This is my princess; Jasmine. 14 years young!

to smile! Most animals sense your energy and know when you need a little extra love.

-Their unconditional love decreases symptoms of an illness by increasing an individuals serotonin! Studies show that pet have helped patients who have cancer by healing them emotionally and physically. The stress, loneliness, and depression that goes alongside with any illness can be debunked by the presence of our fur babies. Some dogs are now being trained to detect cancer by sniffing! Incredible 🙂

3. Helps kids with autism. 

-Pets increase autistic individuals communication with others. When a pet is present, they feel more happy and open to speak to others. They have an Autism & Animal- Assisted Care, which is a therapeutic program where autistic children ultimately learn how to de-stress, trust, care for another loving creature, step out of their comfort zone, communicate, and decrease their inappropriate behavior by interacting with a variety of animals. Doesn’t that just warm your heart!

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4. Increase Physical Activity 

-This one may be a no brainier to you, but our fur babies make exercise FUN! What what! Yes I said it. (Depending what your pet is) Dogs are great pets to keep yourself active. They need their walks or runs to keep them healthy and how fun that you get to join them!! Not only that, but you become more mobile at home when you own a pet!

5. Lowers Cortisol/ Stress
Jasmine loved hanging out with me! We are best friends.

-Within this day-in-age, it seems we are busier than ever! Our fight-or-flight mode is constantly on the go as well. This does great harm to our bodies over time. High amounts of stress is linked to a number of illnesses.

When I was ill, my cortisol was through the roof!! My body didn’t understand the word “relax.” Especially when I was home alone for an extended period of time, my cortisol would increase even more due to fear and my mind taking over my body. My cat always reassured me it was going to be okay.  She gave me her unconditional love, lowered my anxiety, and gave me some one to talk to! haha. Like I said earlier, pets can sense when we don’t feel well. They almost feel as if it’s now their job to take care of you now!

6. Increase Heart Health 

-What fills our heart? Love! The leading cause of death in America is Cardiovascular Disease! According to Louise Hay in “You Can Heal Your Life” she explains that heart problems are stemmed from long-standing emotional problems, lack of joy, hardening of the heart, belief in strain and stress. We can prevent heart problems by owning a fur baby! They lower our stress levels and increase joy within our lives!

Meet Koda! He has the biggest personality, & I sure love him!


How amazing are animals?!
If you don’t have one, I sure I convinced you to get one…like yesterday? 😉 

I have a cat named Jasmine & 2 dogs named Koda & Ruger. They’re my world.
I don’t know what I would do without them 🙂

Comment below what fur baby you have and your experience where they have helped you heal! 🙂 

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