Why You Should Be Grateful More Often

Are You Only Expressing Gratitude On Thanksgiving?

Or even only on Sunday’s when you attend church?
I find it ironic that American’s celebrate Thanksgiving as a day where they spend time with their loved ones and express there gratitude….
But then the next day, they push and shove people to go buy materialistic items that they don’t need. A “holiday,” we Americans call: Black Friday.
I just don’t understand the logic in that what so ever…

“When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.” -Anthony Robbins

I’m Here To Tell You… You Are Basically Powerless Without Gratitude...


To be grateful, instills that you have awareness and a deep appreciation for the many miracles that have happened in the past, present, and future.

Gratitude creates a higher frequency for yourself because when you are constantly grateful you are happier and more aware of even more greater things that have yet to come! ohhh ahhh.
By sending out a positive thank you to the universe, you will in return, receive even more positivity back into your life.

Scientifically speaking (physics nerd alert!), for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction that must occur!! How awesome is that!

My Challenge For You:


  • Start each and every morning off with 5 things that you are grateful, before you even get out of bed.
  • Every night before you go to bed, express to the Divine 5 things you are grateful for that went RIGHT for your day. (I do this while I meditate, which helps me stop all my negative or crazy thinking before bed!)
  • Make These 2 EASY adjustments a habit in your life!
  • During your day, stop what you’re doing, breathe, and just thank the Universe for blessing you with another day. You honestly never know when it’ll be your time to crossover and leave this precious earth. Everyday is a blessing. 
  • Once a week tell your family and loved ones how much you love them and how extremely grateful you feel to have them in your life! I feel this is so incredibly important to remind yourself and your loved ones how incredible human beings they are in your life! And like I mentioned earlier, you just never know when anyone’s time is to crossover….<3
  • Start writing personal thank you cards to your loved ones. These thank you cards mean the world to people. Seriously! (I have kept all my cards since I was 9!)
Click the picture to join the private lovingthyself facebook group! <3

Final Thoughts..

Gratitude has the power to serve your life in such a positive way.
If there is one thing I am always grateful for, it is being blessed with another day.
We have so many incredible things to be thankful for that truly just don’t get enough credit throughout our lives.
Things like: mother nature, animals, shelter, food, water, ancestry, and health.
When our life becomes cluttered, busy, or altered we tend forget to count our blessings.
So if their is just one thing that you get from my article today it is to: be more grateful. Wake up and go to bed with gratitude. Stop with the constant whining that typically involves the words “I need…” and change that to “I’m blessed because…” 
Watch as your world starts to become a place of simplicity and happiness through the power of gratitude. 

Comment below and name 5 things that you are grateful for today! 🙂 
Mine are: mother nature, my house, my loved ones, food, and my fur babies. 

Watch This Life Changing “Gratitude” TEDx Video by Louie Schwartzberg!! 🙂 

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