Why Yoga Is Changing People’s Lives Daily

What’s all this talk about yoga? Why do more & more people seem to be joining in?

No matter if you do it for 10 mins or 2 hours. …..

It’s benefits are invigorating!!! 

Almost contagious, like a book you pick up to read and just cannot seem to put down because it just gets better and better!!

If you are a beginner or a pro, you understand where I am coming from. If you have never done any types of yoga, this post is also for you. My job is to show you what yoga is all about!!! 

For me,
It’s a place where I spiritually am whole, one, and present.
I am able to  take a breathe of fresh air, for myself. 

  • It gives me a sense of who I REALLY AM. By becoming one with my soul & Divine.
    My negative thoughts, external pressure, & stress seem to diminish for the time being.
  • I feel an unconditional love within myself that’s almost overwhelming, just beautiful.
    I can sense healing internally and externally.










My two favorite types of yoga (& also, the most unrecognized)

1. Kundalini Yoga 

    • Perfect for beginners,intermediate, and advanced yogis. 
    • A spiritual and relaxing side of yoga.
    • Also known as “Laya Yoga”
    • I love that each class focuses on a different chakra, or “theme” so no classes are ever the same. 
    • You must come with an open mind, as you will notice it is very different. 
    • Benefits: increases spiritual health, increased physical and emotional grounding in the body, increased balance within ones spirit, wholeness, balanced, calms anxiety or stress in the body, allows you to be present, and increased awareness and compassion for self and others. 
    • Book to read:Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

2. Yin Yoga 

    • For beginners, intermediate, and advanced yogis.
    • Targets the connective tissues (ligaments, bones, and joints)
    • Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures (asanas) that are held for longer periods of time then regular yoga.
    • Great for people who have a tendency to always try to push further in their practice, Yin teaches you to pull back and breathe.
      (If you are like me and always push further and harder in everything you do, this is PERFECT for learning to step back a little and enjoy the present moment.)
    • Easy and long stretches that calm the body.
    • Benefits: decreased anxiety and stress, stillness of the body, wholeness, increased balance, increased circulation, increased flexibility, and increased mobility within the physical body.
    • Book to read: Yin Yoga: Restorative Yoga for a Healthier You

**if you struggle with anxiety, stress, or panic attacks. I have a wonderful blog where I show you 5 different yoga poses to let go  and release your anxiety. 5 Poses to Release Anxiety, ooh ahhh.

Yoga is Essential for our Health!

Just to name a few & coming from my own personal experience with yoga:

  • When we are more aligned, aware, and balanced with our soul and Higher Power, we become whole.
  • We start to understand what it’s liked to be unconditionally loved.
  • What it’s like to be present and ask for Divine’s guidance through life.
  • We become more aware of our actions and language towards others and ourselves.
  • We become trusting of lives timing and everything the universe has to offer.
  • We become less whinny and more timely.
  • We understand our emotions and how to think before we speak.

Ultimately: We become the Highest most Powerful forms of ourselves. 

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Final Thoughts,
Have you started any form of yoga? What’s your favorite? What impact has it made on your life?
Share your stories by commenting below. 🙂 

Yoga is Reshaping Prisoners Lives as Well, Watch this amazing video to see how 🙂







Namaste 🙂 

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